Untamed, The Young Savages
Raucous Records, RAUCD 114

Three young brothers performing real 1950's rockabilly music just how it was originally intended to be - raw, savage and full of youthful energy! Despite their ages (which even when combined, still add up to less than that of many artists performing on the rock 'n' roll & rockabilly scene) Gordon, Tom and David Doel already have a wealth of experience playing real rockin' music. In their school years, they became well know performing under the name Schoolhouse Rock - regularly gigging, making radio appearances and having tracks released on Fury Records. Highlights for the trio included appearing alongside rockabilly legends Ray Campi and Sonny George. After a short break from performing as a live band, the Doel Brothers re-invented themselves as The Young Savages, a name which far better suits their untamed style of rockabilly. Already they have signed a management deal and been snapped up by specialist rockabilly label Raucous Records. This debut album is fittingly titled "Untamed" and is produced by rockabilly heavyweights Boz Boorer (Polecats) and Ian Speller (Rusti Steel & The Tintax) both of whom also make guest appearances as musicians.

The Young Savages wrote 8 out of the 11 tracks themselves. That's pretty darn good for a debut album, don't ya think? The opener is "Mean Mean Mama", the first of the originals, garnished with some ace steel guitar by guest musician Ian Speller. Although Speller does a pretty mean job, it feels to me as if the steel doesn't quite fit in. On "Top Down Mama" Boz Boorer is blowing the sax, and you cab bet your bottoms that this time it does fit in! And besides Boz's tearing saxophones, Gordon is doing a heck of a job on the lead guitar, real swinging song. On "Call Me" the band proves that they really don't need any guest musicians at all, but what can I say, it looks good on the cover if the Boz is on your CD right? By the way, Boz also produced about half the tracks here.

The Young Savages rendition of Larry Donn's "Honey Bun" sounds pretty primitive, as does the original of course, rockabilly the way it was meant to be: raw and savage. "Baby What Ya Doing" makes my headset flutter, must be the way David is mistreating his upright bass, LOL. Next is "Bloodshot Eyes", which is not played in Hank Penny's hillbilly or Wynonie Harris' Rhtyhm & Blues style. It got The Savages own rockabilly treatment. "Fast Daddy Boogie" reminds a lot of Tennessee Ernie Ford's country boogie style, but it's an original alright, and a pretty neat one too. And then there's some more hot rockabilly on "Bring Back What We Had" and some savage blues on "Cadillac Blues". Well, actually the blues only lasts for about 45 seconds, then it picks up speed and carries on a fast paced rockabilly song. Last but not least, another rockabilly boogie song "Bow Legged Baby". Is that a dobro I hear? Ray Campi would be proud of you guys. Untamed you bet!

The Young Savages are:
Gordon Doel - Guitars, Vocals
Tom Doel - Drums, Vocals
David Doel - Slap Bass, Backing Vocals

Guest musicians:
Boz Boorer - Piano, Saxophone
Ian Speller - Steel Guitar

Young Savages management:
Phone & Fax: +44 1253 872227


Raucous Records
7, St. Peters Place
Fleetwood, Lancashire
FY7 6EB England

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003
Additional information by The Young Savages