Wolfcat, Wreckless
Last Buzz, BUZZ-8017

Wreckless is a Swedish neo-rock-a-billy group with their own character: wild, brutal, unpredictible, playing rockabilly punk of the 5Os. Wreckless play mostly their own material, but also a few covers, however, they play them entirely in their own style. The group started playing around 1994 and present group members have all been playing together for many years. Wreckless is a real "live" band. A program presentation made by the music manager of Restaurant Gillestugan in Gothenburg, Sweden, presents the band in their leaflet as follows: "Wild and Crazy Rockabilly, senseless characteristic and power. Real 50s Rock 'n' Roll show with the most powerful Swedish band in the genre." The guys get their inspiration from, among others, Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps, Joe Clay and John Lee Hooker.

Wreckless have great experience playing at music pubs, restaurants, meetings, "Rock the Boat," private gigs and they have also appeared on local TV-shows a couple of times. They are now planning a tour abroad, besides the Scandinavian countries and Finland, gigs are expected in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and, hopefully, in the Uinted States. The band's début CD titled "Wolfcat"  was released on 'Last Buzz' in 2000.

Wolfcat / All My Fuckin' Lovin' / No I Blondie / Double Talkin' Baby / Brand New Thunderbird Ford / Sneaky Pete / Smilin' Like The Man In The Moon / Open Up (That Door) / Helena (That Thing You Called Love) / 16 Chicks / I Got A Baby / I Can't Stop / Baby Please / Wolfcat II

The opening title track "Wolfcat" is a very catchy rockabilly track and outstanding through it's simplicity. Throughout the CD it is quite clear that all three members are damn good musicians, and they don't need to hide any flaws behind senseless screaming and shouting. They play straight forward rockabilly in a way that cool cats will surely appreciate. The Buddy Holly styled ballad "No I Blondie" also shows Stefan's vocal capabilities and although he is native Swedish, his English pronunciation is better than can be expected. He is also a good songwriter and he wrote a big 10 out of the 14 tracks on this CD. In general, the selfpenned tracks are better than the covers, but the covers found on this platter of some rockabilly classics by Gene Vincent, Sonny Fisher and Link Davis are not bad at all. Stefan's lead guitar sure has style and is backed very well by a solid beat and a fifties style doghouse bass, very well done. My favourite from this release is surely the title track "Wolfcat", so I really don't mind that it is presented twice. The first (opening) version is played in an authentic 50s style and the second (closing) version has some garage influences with a little distortion on the guitar. Both tracks are very worth while.

Introducing the band:
Stefan "Self Made Psyco" Nilsson, 30 years, vocal and electric guitar, car-washer. Mats "Mad" Sparr, 32 years, drums & back-up noice, trying to sell tools. Mats-Erik "Wild" Nilsson, 28 years, doghouse bass, bus driver.
Note: All three boys finished primary school with great difficulties :-)

Management and bookings:
Veikko V. Kirotar
Grevegatan 11 D
SE 815 41 Tierp

Wreckless on the net:
Website: http://home.swipnet.se/~w-94418/
E-mail: wreckless@home.se

Review by The BlackCat, 2000
Additional information; Veikko V. Kirotar
Used with permission.