Wreckers' Party, The Housewreckers
Goofin' Records GRCD 6113

The Housewreckers had their first release "Cause Ya Left Me" on Nervous in 1985. As other members left the group, Teukka and Janne founded a new band called Deathrow. In 1988 the Housewreckers were on the road again with their new upright bass player Make who also played in Deathrow. In 1990 The Housewreckers signed with Goofin' Records and released their first full length CD "Watch Out". A new record "For A Few Wrecks More" was released in nowember 1994 and the band toured Japan and Europe. In early 1998 the Housewreckers released a new single "Tiger Of Hell". Markus Duus was their new bass player, but the band needed something fresh to keep up their motivation. It took a little while to find out what...

In the autumn of 1998 the original drummer Janne joined the group again and this was just what the band needed. They went straight to the studio and started recording "Wreck & Roll" at Peacemakers Studios with Timo Kytölä and at Millbrook Studios with Juha Heininen, who also was the producer. The record got very positive feedback and in January 1999 The Housewreckers had their first live radio appearence in Radio Mafia's Rock'n'Roll Show hosted by Teppo Nättilä.

Today I got this brand new CD from Goofin' Records, a label that I greatly respect, because they have issued some of the best European rockabilly on the market. I was anxious to give the platter a spin, but after a few tracks the weird thought crossed my mind that this is "over the edge". But is it really? I played the album again, and again. I wanted to get the feel of it, I had to taste the intended atmosphere. I hear you asking, "is it rockabilly?" and I can asure you that it is! The most part of this album will rock your socks of, true rockabilly with a steady beat and a strong bass line. It's Ozzy Osborne's guitar that makes all the difference... Just kidding of course, it's Teukka Aalto playing the lead, but he does add a certain 60s and 70s rock influence to the style. Teukka also wrote a big 10 out of the 12 tracks on this release.

I'll just play the album once again and write down some comments about the individual songs along the way. The first song is titled "I Never Lie To You", a straight forward rockabilly tune, apart from the guitar licks of course. If you were expecting Cliff Gallop or Scottie Moore guitar style, you might be a bit disappointed, but Teukka's voice is very good. A bit raw, but very clear and without any screaming. The guitar style kinda grows on you, and this is one hell of a rocking song, and the title song "Wrecker's Party" carries on in the same tradition, Housewreckers' style.

"In The Game Again" has a lot more rock influences, and it's not straight rockabilly anymore, I'd rather call it rock'n'roll, with the emphasis on the word rock. "Rebel Queen" is much better, a fast bopper with less distortion on the guitar. If you wanna cut the rug, this is your chance, before we slow down the pace to a strolling kinda ballad titled "For Your Day". You won't get a chance to doze off though, the heavy intro of "Blue Moon Hotel" will surely get you down to earth again.

"All I Need" is one more rockabilly stomper with a raving rhythm, followed by "Gone", which hits off even faster. The melodic vocals that build up to "more, more, more" rock and the driving rhythm gives it a real rock'n'roll feel, but it's close to the edge...

"Broken Dreams" sounds like a popsong. The kind you find on hardrock albums (Scorpions come to mind), and although it has little to do with rockabilly, Teukka's voice will surely get to you. "Standing In The Station", written by Paul Reno and also recorded by Eddie Bond, got an extra doze of rockabilly rhythm and is easily my favourite track on the album. "You Gotta Try Again" stands out from the other tracks, because it has less rock influences and a clear rhythm guitar in the background. The last track is Ricky Nelson's ever great "Lonesome Town", and it's the only song recorded in the traditional way and mostly acoustic.

Nowadays there's only a thin line between rockabilly, rock'n'roll, psychobilly, hardrock and bluesrock, and this album is a bit of a melting pot. If you are a rockabilly purist, you might not be enchanted by Teukka's guitar, or maybe you will take the time to get used it, like I did, and you will find that this album really rocks! And if played too loud, it will surely Wreck your House too! Leaves me to say that the Housewreckers are on the road again and hope to see you all in the audience at one of their upcoming gigs.

The Housewreckers are:
Teukka Aalto - Vocals, Guitar
Janne Junnilainen - Drums
A.P. "Ape" Määttä - Bass

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00500 Helsinki
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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002
Additional information by The Housewreckers