Worldwide Rockabilly Vol. 1, Various Artists 
Louisiana Records LR5001


Finally, it's here! The Worldwide Rockabilly project from Louisiana Records, with many of my long time friends gathered together to present Rockabilly music from many parts of the world. And as far as I can tell, the recordings are relatively new and previously unreleased. This is not mentioned in the beautiful 12 page booklet that comes with the CD, so excuse me if I'm not 100% correct on this.

The CD hits off with a bit of stomping rock 'n' roll by the Wildest and Friendliest Gentleman on the scene, Mr. Wild Bob Burgos. With his rough and smoky voice and hard hitting drumsticks, he never ceases to impress, especially on his live performances. The Tattooed Sledgehammer presents 2 selfpenned songs, "Back To The Highway" and "Real Gone Rockin'".

One of my longtime favorite German bands is the Teddy Boy outfit Foggy Mountain Rockers. They bring to you 3 fabulous covers by The Flying Saucers, Teddy & The Tigers and Hayden Thompson: "Texas Calls You Home", "She's Too Young" and "Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind". The latter song was also played live on the Foggy's "10th Anniversary Party" CD.

Rockabilly originator Ray Campi might be turning grey, but the rebel still keeps rocking and can still put up one heck of a live show, as he proved once again at The Americana Fest in England, 2007 & 2008. His "Rockabilly Rebel" is a lifetime favorite of all rockabilly fans, and this version was recorded last year for Real Music Productions, with a wild and frantic Kevin Fennell on guitar.

The pioneer of Scandinavian Rockabilly Buck Jones has been around since 1973 when he started his first rock 'n' roll band "The Killers". You might also know him from his fabulous rocking bands The Rhythm Riders and Texas Rooster. Buck is still recording and performing on the Hogfarm, and on this release you can listen to his hard rocking "Campin' With Jack".

There are also some performers on this album that don't immediatly ring my bell, but they also lay down some real gone rockabilly music. There's Mike Mok from the United States, Danny Ducktail from Sweden, The Gunslingers from Germany, Rockin' Rhonda & The Rhonkeys from Canada, The Hellcats from Italy, The Prison Band from Hungary (great cover of the rockabilly favorite "Make Like Rock 'n' Roll") and Hick-O-Rhythm. Not a clue where this band comes from, they might send me a bio after reading this :--)

Well, what can I say, this is a very good collection of Wordwide Rockabilly. It reads "Volume 1" on the cover, I hope that is a promise for at least one more great Rockabilly collection in the near future.

Kevin Fennell & Ray Campi, Americana Fest U.K. 2007 (Photo: Diane Sprex)

01 - Wild Bob Burgos - Back To The Highway
02 - Foggy Mountain Rockers - Texas Calls You Home
03 - Mike Mok & The Em-Tones - No One Else Will Do
04 - Danny Ducktail - Like Time Stood Still
05 - Gunslingers - Waymore's Blues
06 - Ray Campi - Hot Dog
07 - Buck Jones - Back In The Saddle Again
08 - Hick-O-Rhythm - Let's Kill Someone
09 - Rockin' Rhonda & The Rhonkeys - What's Inside A Girl
10 - Hellcats - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
11 - Wild Bob Burgos - Real Gone Rockin'
12 - Foggy Mountain Rockers - She's Too Young
13 - Mike Mok & The Em-Tones - Bertha Lou
14 - Danny Ducktail - She's My Angel
15 - Prison Band - Make Like Rock 'n' Roll
16 - Ray Campi - Rockabilly Rebel
17 - Buck Jones - Campin' With Jack
18 - Hick-O-Rhythm - Breaking The Law
19 - Rockin' Rhonda & The Rhonkeys - She's So Bad
20 - Foggy Mountain Rockers - Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008