Hot Rod Doll, Wild Wax Combo 
Enviken Records, EnRec CD116

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Wild Wax Combo "Rumble In The Jungle"

The Wild Wax Combo is from Denmark and was formed late 1996, shortly after the split-up of another Danish rockabilly band, The Candymen. Mikael and Paolo wanted to continue playing rockabilly and decided to set up a new band, although they had to find a new bass player. Less than 15 rockabilly musicians are active in Denmark and eventually Mikael and Paolo asked René, who was playing double bass with the Taggy Tones, to join the band temporarily while they were looking for a permanent member. The quest gave no results, but luckily René offered to stay in the band permanently.

For a couple of years the band was just rehearsing, and only did an occasional gig. In late 1998 they got the chance to record a demo tape in a small basement studio. The tape was recorded within one week, in the evenings after work, and was later released by the small Danish label Kick Music with the title "Jungle Fever", inspired by Charlie Feathers classic song. When my good friend Kim Norskov, president of the Danish Rockabilly Club "Babe Society" introduced me to this debut album, I was immediatly swept off my feet. It's one of the best debut releases I've ever heard. Of course, the CD helped the band to get more gigs and gave the trio the urge to push for more. And more is what you're gonna get!

We now write April 2003, and The Wild Wax Combo has a new album out on the established label Enviken Records from Sweden, titled "Hot Rod Doll", With their raw & energetic stageact they've now become the regular support act for "The Nekromantix" when they do shows in their home country. This platter delivers the band at their very best, fifties rockabilly with a more modern and powerfull sound combining the best of both worlds.

The album contains no less than 12 original Wild Wax Traxx. That's out of 15, ain't that something. The three remaining songs are covers of Sid King & His Five Strings, Roc LaRue & The Three Pals and Dale Vaughn & The Starnotes. Starting off with the self-penned "Dance Like A Devil" you're getting an idea of what you can expect from what is to come: develish rockabilly. René's superb fast thumping slap bass, Paolo's slightly distorted lead guitar and Mikael's steady hard knocking beat. Aren't these mind dazzling songs, each and everyone of 'em, "I'll Tie You Up", "Rock Me To Death" (yes please), these guys are unstopable. Be sure to get this album, and while you're at it, get yourself a copy of their first release too. You won't be disappointed.

Dance Like A Devil / I'll Tie You Up / Rock Me To Death / I Didn't Do It / Baby Take Me Back / I, I, I. / Wierd Dreams / One Last Minute / Alcoholic Baby / Haunted Dreams / Sweet Lurlene / Hot Rod Doll / It's true Im Blue / How Can You Be So Mean / The Drifters

René Karlson - Upright Bass, Lead Vocals
Paolo Molinari - Guitar & Vocals
Mikael Findanis - Drums

Meet the Wild Wax Combo at:

Enviken Records
Box 8
790 26 Enviken, Sweden

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003