Rockabilly Inferno, Wild Rooster
Old-Rock Records ORR 2008-3


CD Liner Notes by Marijn "The BlackCat" Raaijmakers:
As most of you constant readers may already know, I've been a rockabilly fan for a really, really long time. Idolizing the great originators from the 50s like Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Early Elvis, Charlie Feathers and so on. But when the rockabilly revival bloomed in the UK in the mid to late 70s, I was very much impressed with the new sound created by the likes of Crazy Cavan, Flying Saucers, Freddy Fingers Lee and Wild Bob Burgos (who was the drummer of the original Matchbox line-up at that time). The sound was baptized "Crazy Rhythm" bij Cavan, but later on it became known as the Teddy Boy Stomp, and it invaded Europe at a very fast pace.

Today many European rockabilly bands still play this traditional Teddy Boy music, and one of the best around is a band from Sweden named "Wild Rooster". A relatively new band, but with musicians that have earned their credits on the rock 'n' roll scene over the last decades. Us old Teds have known Stefan for quite some time, because he was also fronting bands like Crossfire and Snakebite. Stefan also played with my long time friend Wild Bob Burgos on his album "A Lifetime Of Rockin". Lars Wermlund was a member of Snakebite and Dreadnoughts (who also recorded an album with Wild Bob in 2000 titled "Houserockin'"), and Kim Amberg played with The Blue Eagles and The Rockin' Wildcats. David Sundqvist was with Hailstone before joining Wild Rooster. The influence of Bob Burgos is evident on this album. His original hard hittin' stomp is carried on by Wild Rooster with a traditional Teddy Boy Rhythm. And that, my dear friends, is what I like best about these Swedish cats!

Stefan Jägermyr is also a gifted songwriter, and on this "scratching" record (check out the title song) he proves his abilities with no less than 11 selfpenned songs. I have the feeling that Stefan gets much of his inspiration from 50s B-movies (nothing wrong with that!), because he writes about subjects ranging from werewolfs and zombie queens to travelling the Milky Way. The remaining 3 coversongs are a tribute to some of the greatest rockabillies ever, Charlie Feathers and Mac Curtis, as well as to the originators of the Teddy Boy Sound, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, with a song that Cavan adapted from Ronnie Hawkins. I've had the pleasure of listening to this album long before it went to the presses, and I can assure you that these cats will rock your socks off once again! So if you are reading these liner notes in your local music store, trying to decide whether to buy this album or not... do not hesitate. Enjoy!

L2R: Kim Amberg, The BlackCat, Steve Riot, Lars Wermlund, Roger Kristiansen

Rockabilly Inferno / One Hand Loose / Hang Mans Nose / Rocked The Universe / If I Had Me A Woman / Teddy Girl / Honey Babe / Baby BSA / Come On Cats / Carol / Whatcha Gonna Do / Werewolf / Rockabilly / Son Of A Zombie Queen

Wild Rooster are:
Stefan 'Steve Riot' Jägermyr - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Kim Amberg - Lead Guitar
David Sundqvist - Drums
Lars Wermlund - Bass

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Liner Notes by The BlackCat, 2008