Riot, Wild Rooster
Old-Rock Records ORR 2008-1

In my CD player is the red hot debut album of a brand new band from Sweden named Wild Rooster. Frontman of this new band is no-one less than Stefan Jägermyr aka Steve Riot. Of course us old teds have known Stefan for quite some time, because he was also fronting bands like Crossfire and Snakebite. Stefan also played with my lifetime friend Wild Bob Burgos on his album "A Lifetime Of Rockin".

Lars Wermlund was a member of Snakebite and Dreadnoughts, and Kim Amberg played with The Blue Eagles and The Rockin' Wildcats. David Sundqvist played in Hailstone before Wild Rooster. So, we have a new band with old rockers! On their MySpace page you can read: "Wildrooster have a big mix of cool rockin' bands as inspiration, from early Charley Feathers to Batmobile. So there's not a scene we won't rock to peaces! Get up, get wild, n' rock like hell."

And that we'll do! The record is mostly in traditional teds stomp style, and that's what I like best! I was always a fan of Crossfire and Snakebite, and this new Wild Rooster album is right up my alley. There's 14 tracks here, 12 of which are written by Stefan and the band. That leaves us with 2 covers: Stompin' With The Wildcats (Johnny & The Roccos), and "South's Gonna Rise Again (Jesse James). The latter being a teddy boy favorite ever since Sandy Ford and his Flying Saucers recorded it.

A few words from John Whiteleather, who wrote the linernotes:
"Introducing the debut cd from Wild Rooster. I met these guys a few months ago, and the feeling I got was truly refreshing. A band that puts their music down the way they feel it. Raw, energetic and fun. Goes well with women, booze, old cars and parties. It's purely rock 'n roll! While most bands are trying to figure out how to sound or act on stage, these guys let loose with adrenalin and emotion. Honest music from the heart! Offstage they are just good ole boys from the woodsy area of Sweden known as Varmland. A bit crazy, fun to party with and really down to earth. Get their cd and see their show..."

So, what we have here is a fabulous rock 'n' roll album that'll keep your feet stomping for a while. I'd like to end with a quote from Hannibal (yes, from the A-team): "I love it when a plan comes together!"

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Wild Rooster are:
Stefan Jägermyr - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Kim Amberg - Lead Guitar
David Sundqvist - Drums
Lars Wermlund - Bass

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008