Take It Off, Wild Rooster 
Part Records, PART-CD 693.001

Me and Wild Rooster, we go back a long way. I reviewed most, if not all, their albums, wrote liner notes for Rockabilly Inferno, enjoyed them on stage, drank beers off stage, and this band is definitly my favorite teddy boy band from nowadays. And they are great guys too, very friendly despite their tough looks and even rougher music. We also have a mutual friend, my best pal from the U.K. Mr. Wild Bob Burgos, who wrote one of the songs on this album "Ride On Rebels". Wild Rooster covered this great song from Bob's album "The Rebel Keeps Rockin'", and when Bob heard it he wrote me an e-mail saying that I must review this album, he loves it so much!

After writing so many things about this band in the past, it's hard to find new words and not repeat myself all over again. I am of course listening to this new album while I'm typing, and (yes, I said it before) this is my kinda rock 'n' roll... it knocks me off my feet any time, every time. Simple, rough, with a steady drive and a lot of soul. Music that touches my heart and sends shivers down my spine.

Stefan 'Steve Riot' wrote 7 original songs for this album, his voice still sounding like it's drenched in Scotch whisky and burnt by a million sigarettes, and its just perfect for the style. Imagine this band on stage in a small smokey bar, the music so loud it hurts your ears, the bass and drums  pounding in your stomag... My idea for a good night out on the town! Start up your motorbikes, we're gonna rock the Ace Cafe tonight!

Well, I'm gonna quit my babbling and leave you with a word of advise; if you're a Teddy Boy, Rock 'N Roller, Rockabilly, Biker or just the quiet old person that digs good rock 'n' roll music... don't look any further, it's here, and it's called Take It Off by Wild Rooster. Well done boyz!

Sweet Revenge / Tennessee Zip / Demon Riders / Fancy Dan / Forever Ted / Ride On Rebels / The Only One / Take It Off / Sisters In Crime / Tore Up / Motorbike / Won't Waste My Time / Raw Deal / Southern Rose

Wild Rooster are:
Steve Riot - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Little Joe - Lead Guitar
Crazy Chris - Drums
Boogie Man - Bass

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2011