Garden of Eden, Wendy LeBeau & Her Beaus 
Vinylux Records V0009

Their bit: Vinylux Records is pleased to announce that after much anticipation, and because you asked for it, Flea Bops bassist, Wendy LeBeau, steps forward to front her own band, Wendy LeBeau and her Beaus! We present for your approval and entertainment, her debut CD, Garden of Eden.

Garden of Eden is adorned with well chosen covers, running the gamut from the Carter Family to Big Mama Thornton, with Tommy Lam, Johnny Tyler, Bonnie Lou, and Sparkle Moore thrown in for good measure. Wendy and the Beaus make songs their own with careful re-working and an ear for tradition. Lastly, Wendy takes the opportunity to present, for the first time on recording, one of the last songs written by Go Cat Go's late, great Darren Spears, "Kiss me baby".

My bit: Garden of Eden was a well covered song from '57 by Joe Valino, so I got excited to hear a modern cover of this song, Shocked to hear that the words weren't going where I remembered them from, I then read the liner notes. "Garden of Eden", self penned by Wendy, ahhh, I listen again :) A slow opening track, with a cut rhythm, the next track is a kicker, this is one attention grabber! (Just like a dog barking up the wrong tree).

Track 3 is a rocka-ballad and done well, Track 4 is a cover of Sparkle Moore's track "Skull and Crossbones" and no surprise, this version kills Barbara's Original. Track 6 is a worry, I loved the soft bluesy sound of the song but was put off by what sounds to me like an imitation 78 hiss.

Comment by Wendy LeBeau:
You describe track 6 (Jealous Hearted Me) as having an imitation 78 hiss (we'd never do that!!). This is not the case. What you hear is the sound of the snare drum being played with brushes! The technique is to swish one brush around the head of the snare whilst the other brush hits the beat. If you'll take another listen to that track, you'll find that the swishing sound is very rhythmic, and not at all random as 78 hiss is. It's a jazz element - as many of the elements in that track are.

Lie To Me Baby is brilliant, I almost forgive the hiss of the previous track, Stop 'N' Go Boogie is a great track with shades of Haley playin' in the background, ahhh Bill we miss ya. The rest of this CD is great, so what's the down side? Title track should be down the playlist and not the "First impression", the party starts on track 2, and track 6 is a bit spoilt. My only other question would be, why have we had to wait sooooo long to get this album (I hope the next one is hot on the tail).

"Debut CD from Flea Bops bassist, Wendy LeBeau! 10 tracks with originals by Wendy and one by Darren Spears. Covers from Big Mama Thornton, Bonnie Lou, Sparkle Moore, The Carter Family, Tommy Lam, and Johnny Tyler. Available now! First 126 (non-dealer) orders will receive an autographed leaf from the "Eve" costume!"

Forget about the free leaf, buy this album on talent alone! Well done to Wendy and the boys, I feel this is gonna be a winner.

Band Members:
Wendy LeBeau - Vocals, Bass
Preston LeBeau - Electric Guitar
Lance LeBeau - Drums
Dave Moore - Acoustic Guitar
Ronnie Joyner - Acoustic Guitar

Garden of Eden / Just Like a Dog Barking Up the Wrong Tree / One Track Love / Skull and Crossbones / Speed Limit / Jealous Hearted Me / Lie To Me Baby / Stop 'n' Go Boogie / The Coffee Addict / Kiss Me Baby

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Fort Washington, MD
20749, USA 

Reviewed by CancerMan Mark, 2005