Welcome to the Club, The TriSonics
Raucous Records, 2007

The sign on the club door says "rock'n'roll tonight" and if you don't like it, come back tomorrow for a country night, right? Wrong. Who says a modern day rock'n'roll band can't sound like tomorrow's country music or that an indie pop band can't swing? Who says a trio from Germany can't play Americana?

The TriSonics actually thrive on crossing genre borders. Listen to their second album "Welcome to the Club" and you'll find Rockabilly ("These Walls"), Country (the title track), Swing ("Should've Known Better"), and even a homage to Britpop ("Lyia") as well as a cover of a Blondie hit ("Call Me") from 1980. You can also hear a real smoocher ("I Believe in Love"), a bombastic bit of jungle music ("Ooh I Like That Voodoo"), a track that opens with the sound of a shovel hitting dirt ("Digging a Hole"), a ballad ("In My Arms") as well as a song with a grand gypsy finale. And the final track manages to pull all these elements into one song.

The TriSonics teamed up with producer Michael Heilrath (Couch) and some of the best musicians in Munich to put a record together that's as multi-flavored as the show schedule at your favourite local live dive and still keeps it all together. The only thing that's missing is the guy selling beer and a wc. So, welcome to the club!

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Welcome To The Club / Should've Known Better / Digging A Hole / Call Me / These Walls / In My Arms / Ooh I Like That Voodoo / I Believe In Love / Lyla / Solitude / Maryann / Hanging On Too Long

The TriSonics are:
Derek Singleton - Guitar, Vocals
Dim Sclichter - Drums
Barbara Streidl - Upright Bass

Guest appearances:
Heinz Dauhrer - Trumpet
Wolfgang Roth - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Hans-Heiner Bettinger - Trombone
Gregor Burger - Baritone Saxophone
Martin Lickleder - Harmonika
Barbara Lucke - Soprano
Dean Wilmington - Accordeon

Bookings or enquiries:
Derek Singleton
Hauptstr. 120
85399 Hallbergmoos
Phone: +49 174 3177807


Press release provided by Derek Singleton, 2007
Used with permission