WanTED: 6 rockin' men - Foggy Mountain Rockers 
Part Records PART CD 627.005

This new album from the Foggies proves it once again, some of the best Teddyboy music nowadays is coming from Germany. A must have for every Ted around and read my lips, this one's gonna be a classic! The entire album is produced in superb quality and the sound technicians deserves a medal. I especially like the blend of the Gretsch and Jazzmaster riffs, both distinctively recognizable as such. Just listen to "The Root of Evil", magnificent! A "Move It" like intro throws you off in a sinister minor key song, pumping bass and pounding drums and some of the catchiest guitar licks I heard for years. Directly followed by the uptempo "Rockin' at the Ace Cafe" you can almost smell the old BSA's and see the leatherclad greasers hangin' out there.

Next one lets you catch your breath back: "One Thing is for Sure" a song with a great melody line guarantueed to stick in your head for hours. "Ain't Never Gonna Stop" features my favorite match again, Gretsch and Jazzmaster in an hypnotizing Teddyboy Bop. Classic material again! I can hardly wait to see the guys perform the titelsong "WanTED" live on stage. It's a powerful Teddyboy anthem with fleshcutting mean guitar riffs and a rhythm section like a locomotive on rocketfuel! Danger ahead! Of course I'm not going to review every single song, so I skip to "The Turning Tide", a cool rendition of a Ravenna & The Magnetics song and the only cover on this album. Well, what can I say? Get off your butt, buy the CD and decide for yourself!

The Foggy Mountain Rockers developed their own style of Rock'n'Roll, strongly influenced by British Teddyboy Rock'n'Roll, but you can also tell the influence of Rockabilly, Skiffle and Country Music. Their playlist includes many original songs but also cover versions of well known songs are not missing. The Foggy Mountain Rockers not only sound great on CD - for years they have been known as an excellent live act.

They played numerous meetings and festivals, among others with British Rock'n'Roll heroes such as Matchbox, Vernon & The G.I.'s, Freddie Fingers Lee, Shotgun's Ray Neal, The Ravens, Restless, The Avengers, The Jaguars, and at various times as support act for US-star Marvin Rainwater. In Frankfurt and Oberhausen their concerts were transmitted by local TV- and radio stations, Radio Bonn/Rhein produced an interview special and even BFBS is playing their songs.

Founded in 1992 they played their first shows in the area Cologne-Bonn in Germany. They won 2nd place during Bielefeld's Newcomer Festival 1993. Thus they were recognized in other regions of Germany. Ever since they played an uncounted number of gigs throughout Europe and nearly everywhere in Germany.

Six Rockin' Men / The Root Of Evil / Rockin' At The Ace Cafe / One Thing Is For Sure / Ain't Never Gonna Stop / Never Again / Hypnotized / Dark Angel / WanTED / My Valentine / Rock 'n' Roll Is A Drug / Secret Dreams / Turning Tide / Thank God I'm A Teddyboy

The Foggy Mountain Rockers are:
Heiko Piecha - Lead Vocals
Frank "Jummi" Jungluth - Bass
Mario Oehlmann - Guitar
Sven Schürmann - Drums
Ingo Goerges - Guitar
Domenico "Duck" Todaro - Percussion


Management: Highly Rhythm
Kai "Möhre" Steffens
Gartenstrasse 20a
53859 Niederkassel
Phone: +49 228 4337677

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Wiesenstrasse 6
69190 Walldorf
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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2004