High Octane Rock 'n' Roll, The Vegas Valentinos
Loaded Dice Records LD 181102

Relocating from Las Vegas to their new home in Boston, the Vegas Valentinos are making some revolutionary sounds. A lot louder than Paul Revere could scream! "High Octane Rock 'n' Roll", the debut CD release of these rockers will perk up the senses. As foreign to the ears as Elvis' early Sun sides or the punk rock explosion of the 1970s. This is as refreshing and as powerful as rock/punkabilly can get. Arjan Deelen (producer) is no stranger to the rock scene. Having first witnessed the Valentinos in Vegas, he has since been the directing force behind these lovable half brothers.

The Vegas Valentinos are the offspring of the legendary Jimmy "The Knob" Valentino, a Vegas wise-guy and insider to many Vegas acts. The Valentinos share the genes of Jimmy but also have different mothers. Growing up on the tough backstreets of Sin City, the brothers found each other, then found their way out of town.

Scotty (2times) Casino - an expressive vocalist that can put the drive in any composition like it was a stolen car.
Johnny (Inferno) Tropicana - A guitar gun-slinger. Hear his searing hot guitar leads blast from his even hotter "borrowed" guitar.
Joey (Da Wrench) Bellagio - The youngest of the four brothers was raised with a wrench in his hand and percussion on his mind.
Bobby (the Blind) Venetian - "Plays bass the way only a blind man can!" to quote Papa.

Together they've created a new sound, in less than 2 years on the scene. The Valentino boys' intense recordings take place in an undisclosed location on the outskirts of Boston. This is a wish that their reclusive Father has insisted on, and the boys will honor that request no matter where they go.

The above is from a recent press release, I included it here so you have an idea of how the Vegas Valentinos present themselves. Fun, that's for sure. And fun is what the guys had when they recorded this album, you'll know it immediatly when you start spinning the opening track "That's Amore". Yes, the old Dean Martin song, but this time with a bite! With changing rhythms, from fast rockabilly to hardcore rock 'n' roll. Different, nice too.

Next is an excellent rendition of the Robert Gordon & Link Wray track "Woman, You're My Woman". Loud, chilling, excellent. Now what can the Vegas Valentinos do with Chuck Berry's "Thirty days". They can make it faster, louder, and frightening. Keep in kind, this is not meant to be authentic fifties rock 'n' roll or rockabilly, but it's great music.

Many other legendary American songs got the Vegas Valentinos treatment. There's "Mercy" (Collins Kids), "Hard Luck" (Howlin' Wolf), "Night Train to Memphis" (Jerry Lee Lewis), "Hello Josephine" (Fats Domino) and many more. The many sides of rock 'n' roll music, brought to you with a big smile. Great music, great entertainment, and definitely different.

Contact information:
Vegas Valentinos
P.O. Box 29
Whitman, MA 02382


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004