Uranium Rock, The Tremors
Slave Audio Documents, 2005

The Scourge of the South is back with a vengeance. With another great design in black & white on Slave Audio Documents. If you haven't heard of The Tremors before, you must read their bio and the review of their previous CD release first... >>> JUST CLICK HERE >>>

This new mini-album is something special, apart from the fabulous cover design and the supurb tremulous music, it's released on CD as well as on vinyl. The EP contains 4 tracks and is pressed on mint green "glow in the dark" vinyl. Looks very sharp! The inside is a large folded photo collage of band pictures, very well done.

The mini-CD contains 2 bonus tracks. One is an alternative take of the smash hit from their previous album "Pill Popper", the second is an unreleased version of Carl Perkins' "Her Love Rubbed Off".

It all starts with the title song, Warren Smith's "Uranium Rock", brought to you Horror Bop Tremors Style. This always was a great song, and this new revived version... well, you just gotta rock!

"Make With The Shake" and "Lovin' On My Mind" are both Tremors orginals, written by Tremor, Perkins & Armstrong. Two great fast paced rockabilly songs with superb slapping by Slim "ZZ Top" Perkins (don't you just love this guy). Jimmy Tremor's slightly distorted guitar sound makes the unique Tremor sound that'll make your skin crawl.

Last but certainly not least is a very fast redition of Mack Vickery's "Drive-In" that'll knock you off your feet. As with the "Scourge of the South" album, not for the faint-hearted rockabilly fan, but damn good rock 'n' roll music!

The Tremors are:
Jimmy Tremor - Vocals, Guitar
Stretch Armstrong - Drums
Slim Perkins - Slap Bass

Information & bookings:
The Tremors
P.O. Box 77782
Greensboro, NC 27417
Phone: +1 (336) 855 8214


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005