Unkool and Proud! The Unkool Hillbillies
Unkool Music, UNKOOL200501

Hold on tight, cats, or else these Swedish buddies will rock your socks off! Apart from 2 earlier CD's with Washboard Wilma, this is the band's second CD. The first one, "Right To Rumble!", was issued on Racous Records on April-2003. The album was basically recorded during one intense weekend. The spontaneity and improvisation abilities of the Unkool Hillbillies are present throughout every song, but particularly shine through on the instrumental "Rooster Shaking Boogie", which was accidentally recorded (and composed) during a coffee-break jam.

While the previous CD was a bone-breaking and explosive set of rock 'n' roll, this new one also shows off some of the wider abilities of the band. Half of the tracks were written by Anders Umegārd and the other half are covers. There are the frantic high-speed rockers and rock 'n' roll / rockabilly tracks, but there are also a couple of rhythm & blues numbers, and in between, some influences of early surf music cab be detected.

This band has topped the Swedish radio charts on several occasions and stands out as one of the most fresh and original bands of this genre in Sweden today. Their main trademark is Anders' intense style of piano playing, something you got to witness. This, along with Hakan's unpredictable style of sax playing, and the virtuosic guitar playing technique of Jan make this band definitely worthwhile listening to.

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You're The One / Black Diamond / One More Time / Dirty / Matchbox / Love Me If You Want / It Hurts Me Too / Looking At You / One Bad Stud / One Good Reason / Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me / Rap Is Crap / Wear My Ring / Rooster Shakin' Boogie

The Unkool Hillbillies are:
Anders Umegārd - Piano & Vocals
Jasenko Kumric - Drums
Richard Andersson - Harp & Vocals
Claes Carlberg - Bass & Vocals
Jan Sjobërg - Guitar
Hakan Landsberg - Saxophone

Contact information:
Phone: +46 (0)70 2080928

Unkool Music
SE-136 69 Haninge

Reviewed by Boppinjack, 2005