Who Stole That Train? - The Twilight Ranchers
Rhythm Bomb RBR 7016

The Twilight Ranchers are a Boston-based five piece outfit, playing dancable upbeat western swing, hillbilly and rockabilly music like Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, Hank Thompson, Big Sandy, Wayne Hancock and BR5-49. The Ranchers have been playing together for three years now, and during this time they supported acts like Deke Dickerson, the Sean Mencher Combo and the Racketeers. They played many clubs in the Boston area and are already local heroes there! It's been reported that Boston alone accounted for 25% of all Country record sales in the 1950s.

The album includes 12 tracks, all produced by Sean Mencher - The Man For All Recording Sessions - and five tracks of these goodies are their own compositions. I'm pretty sure that this fine little silverthang will be a barnburner at all record hops and hayrides! Every serious 1950s Music Disc Jockey should spin tracks like Drivin' 45, No Shoes Boogie, Lost John and Big Dig Boogie and get the public into the grooves and on the dancefloor with Boston's hillbilly and rockabilly outfit - The Twilight Ranchers!

The Twilight Ranchers are:
W.J. Hunt - Vocals, Acoustic, Electric Guitars
Rob French - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Matt Dollan - Steel Guitar
Brad Collett - Stand-Up Bass
Jon French - Drums

Who Stole That Train / Drivin 45 / Too Many Women / I Don't Know Anything About Love / Feelin' Low / Lost John / When I Made My Love / Twin Guitar Roundup / Three Empty Bottles / No Shoes Boogie / Get Rhythm / Big Dig Boogie

Contact information:
The Twilight Ranchers
c/o Bill Hunt
167 Milk St. #423
Boston, MA 02109


Reviewed by Mr. Firecreek, 2005