Twenty One, The Barnshakers
Goofin' Records, GRCD 6130

Well, what can I tell you? Raise your hand if you haven't heard of The Barnshakers. Nobody? Just what I thought! So, here they are again. On this Mini-CD (only eight songs, sigh) we can enjoy one of Europe's very best Rockabilly bands once more.

After seven albums, this is their first live one. Except for the first song ('Twenty-one') which was recorded in the studio, the rest of them were recorded during a live gig at "Rock and Roll Ball" at Hotel Waltikka in Valkeakoski (Finland).

As usual, The Barnshakers have done an impeccable job. From the fast paced rhythm of Lew Williams' "Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop" or Oscar Patton's "Yah! I'm Movin'" to the (little) more melodic sound of Clay Allen's "Have a Ball". My personal favourites are their cover of Clyde Mitchell's "Knock Knock Rattle" and Vesa Haaja's self penned "Wiggle Like A Worm".

If you haven't had the chance of seeing these cats live, this is the closest you'll get. Don't miss it! For more info on the Barnshakers in this website, click on these links:

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Twenty One / Come On / Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop / Have A Ball / Knock Knock Rattle / Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby / Yah! I'm Movin' / Wiggle Like A Worm

The Barnshakers are:
Vesa Haaja - Vocals & Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Jussi Huhtakangas ("Lester Peabody") - Electric Lead & Steel Guitar
Miikka Salminen - Drums
Harri Saanio ("Boogie Boy Harris") - Piano
Mika Liikari - Upright Bass

Contact information:
Goofin' Records & Music
Hämeentie 46
00500 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 773 3113

Reviewed by Boppinjack, 2005