Cats 'N Tats, The Tumblin' Go Go's
Tumblin' Records TGG02

The Tumblin' Go Go's come from the far North of the Netherlands. They started off in November 2003 and after a period of gigging a lot, they recorded their debut album Wild Drivin' Baby in early 2005. They are a basic rockabilly trio with guitar, bass and drums, and they play greasy, up-tempo no-nonsense powerbilly!

Now here's the second CD of this hard rocking band, titled "Cats 'N Tats". Where the band's debut album consisted only of covers, this new CD has 14 selfpenned originals and only 2 cover versions. Don't expect any sugar sweet ballads, because the band's motto is "Stay Cool, Drink Hard" (add "Rock Hard" to that!)

Well, they are definitly right about the "powerbilly" part. This CD will definitly rock you off your feet, but it's still very true to the original rockabilly sound, just faster and with a lot of thumping bass and a screeching guitar. Starting off with "Doggone Busy", the Tumblin' Go Go's take you away on a rollercoaster ride of rockabilly.

On track 5, "Gasstation 4:00 AM" we find some Mexican (trumpet) and surf guitar influences, a welcome change to the raw powerbilly, which by the way never gets boring. I'm glad the band started writing their own songs, because it turns out they do a pretty good job. The first of the two covers that we encounter is Rodney Scott's "Granny Went Rocking", which sounds pretty neat, and it's nice sing along once in a while to a familiar tune.

Although you won't catch this band playing ballads, they do slow down the pace a bit on "The Blues Played On The Radio", which is immediatly followed by "Powerbilly From The North". The title says it all :-) - "Haunted Hotel" is a bit different and has some psychobilly influences. A fun thing on "Let The Old Record Spin" is that they actually let you listen to an old record scartching for while, before the song starts. Always nice to hear a Crazy Cavan song (I'm a lifetime fan), and "Trouble Trouble" is just about everybody's favorite Ted song. Well done.

So, this album is not for the fainthearted, but you were warned from the beginning. If you like it rough and rocking, give it a spin, or move your but to one of their rowdy gigs, they're playing almost every week!

The Tumblin' Go Go's are:
Arjan "Johnny G" Grooten - Guitar
Rene "Hottie" Hummel - Vocals & Stand Up Drums
Abel "Huggy B" Evertz - Upright Bass & Backing Vocals

Doggone Busy / Devilish Daisy / Texan Gal / Quiff It Up / Gasstation 4:00 AM / On The Run / Granny Went Rockin' / The Blues Played On The Radio / Powerbilly From The North / Haunted Hotel / Let The Old Record Spin / Cats 'N Tats / Flat Out Maniac / Knuckle Sandwich / Trouble Trouble / We Don't Need Nobody

Contact & bookings:
The Tumblin' Go Go's
Markiezenhof 41
9301DA Roden
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)50 5014399

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2008