Wild Drivin' Baby, The Tumblin' Go Go's
Tumblin' Records TGG01

The Tumblin' Go Go's were formed at the first of November 2003 in Roden, which is a village in the province called Drenthe in the Northern part of The Netherlands. The Tumblin' Go Go's play are mainly a cover band who play rockabilly music from the fifties in their own style. They have an enormous amount of energy and they bring the old rockabilly classics with wild enthusiasm and a bit of extra distortion on the mike and the lead guitar to create their own sound.

"Wild Drivin' Baby" is the band's debut album, self-produced and self-released on their own Tumblin Label. The CD contains 15 rockabilly classics, all rendered Tumlin' style, starting off with Little Billy Earl's magnificent "Who's Baby Are You Baby?". A thundering lead guitar, a thumping bass and steady drums make it a cover to remember. Eddie Cochran's "Teenage Cutie" got a complete make-over and sounds very fresh. The boys rock on hard, fast & loud on Mac Curtis' "Grandaddy's Rockin'".

The Tumblers' lesson in rockabilly history follows the rocky path through time with execellent covers of Johnny & Dorsey Burnette, Ersel Hickey, Carl Perkins, Dickie Damron, Jack Earls, Gene Vincent (Bill Monroe's original "Rock Road Blues"), Glen Glenn, all the way to Crazy Cavan's "Bop Pretty Baby" en Tom Powder's "No Gas" (wow!), and even more. Larry Terry's "Hep Cat" is superb, this is rockabilly all the way! It's okay to be a cover band if you can do it the way The Tumblin' Go Go's are doing it. Fabulous album, play it loud!

Who's Baby Are You Baby? / Teenage Cutie / Grandaddy's Rockin' / Hip Shakin' Baby / Goin' Down That Road / Matchbox / That's Wat I Call Livin' / Hep Cat / Slow Down / Rocky Road Blues / One Cup Of Coffee / Bop Pretty Baby / Let's Fall In Love / The Woman I Love / No Gas

The Tumblin' Go Go's are:
Rene "Hottie" Hummel - Lead Vocals & Stand-Up Drums
Abel "Huggie Bear" Evertz - Upright Bass & Backing Vocals
Arjan "Johnny G" Grooten - Guitars
L'Bird - Sound Engineer, Screams & Shouts

Contact & bookings:
The Tumblin' Go Go's
Markiezenhof 41
9301DA Roden
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)50 5014399


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005