Life's Little Rewards, The Tumblers
Little Man Big Gun Music, 1999

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Recently The Tumblers have completed work on a 4 song EP titled "Life's Little Rewards"; featuring all Tumblers' original songs. The first track is titled "Since My baby left Town" and it sure is a Tumblers' way to blast off with some real gone fast paced rockabilly with great wild lead guitar. Everybody always wants to know what a band sounds like, and although the Tumblers absolutely have a sound of their own, a little comparison to The Straycats won't hurt either. Next track, "Quicksand", again hardcore rockabilly with a steady beat and real hot screamin' guitar licks, original fifties sound with new millenium techniques. "Pretty Darlin'" slows down the pace a bit, still rockabilly though, with a hard drivin' beat, but it gives us boppers a chance to catch our breath. Last track on this incredible EP/CD is "Do Right Daddy", this song starts off with a short drum intro, promising more to come soon, and when the doghouse bass steps in, the song turns into another high class rockabilly track. I sure think this release is a good start for The Tumblers and I can hardly wait for their first full CD realease, that would really be "Life's Little Reward".

The BlackCat, 2000

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Marc Nischan
13661 Nadine St.
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Phone: 248-541-3272