Hey Little Girl, The Truly Lover Trio
El Toro Records ETCD 4030

Marcel Riesco founded the Truly Lover Trio in the 1990s, and they played the American Midwest & South, Europe, and South America. They performed at the Rockabilly Rebel Weekend in Indianapolis several times with acclaimed success, toured the area and shared the stage with reknown acts. Opened the Uruguay Blues Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America and lined up the Buenos Aires Rockabilly Festival in Argentina. Marcel relocated in Los Angeles in 2002 and with this current line-up, Truly Lover Trio has become one of the hottest upcoming bands in the area. Playing not only LA but Southern California, Northern California and Arizona with great success.

From classic rockabilly and rock 'n' roll tunes to original compositions, their sound is solid and tight, but the style of the band is hard to describe, with a classic feel and powerful sound. A very distinctive rockin' sound of their own. They are something different, so keep your eyes open, and if you get a chance to see them live, do not miss out.

Wearing worn out blue jeans and black leather jackets, you'd expect their music to be as raw and untamed as their looks. And you would be quite right. First thing you hear when you put this shiny platter in your CD-player is a hot scorching lead guitar intro, Marcel yelling "Hey little girl is it all right?" and then a massive sound of drums and bass falls in, wham... shivers down my spine after only 15 seconds. A raw bluesy mix of rock 'n' roll and rockabilly with high energy, just the way I like it.

Besides a few awesome cover songs, like for instance Roy Orbison's "Mean Little Mama" and Johnny Burnette's "Honey Hush", this CD is packed with original self-penned material. Ranging from sensitive moody songs like "Blueberry Eyes" and "Forever Is Not For Us", to fast paced rockabilly on "Tu No Eres Para Mi" and "Vamos A Rockear", and a Buddy Holly kind of sound on "Sleepless Night". Plenty of variety on this debut album for you to enjoy!

The Truly Lover Trio are:
Bobby Garcia - Drums
Santiago Graciano - Stand-up Bass
Marcel Riesco - Guitar, Vocals

Contact information:

El Toro Records
P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004