Trouble With Girls, Peter & The Wolves 
Golly Gee Records GGR1002

From the jumpin' opening rocking number, "Rock 'n' Roll Boogie", till the final note of the Presleyesque "Another Heartache", Peter & The Wolves deliver some of the hottest vintage sounding rockabilly and rock 'n' roll since 1956. If real music was played on the radio, "Girl of My Dreams" would make the Top 10 interesting and fun again. Peter & The Wolves are veterans of Long Island's vibrant rockabilly scene. These guys have played with the likes of Robert Gordon, Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker, and other famous rockabilly artists. So turn back the clock and turn up your radio for Peter & The Wolves.

Peter & The Wolves are not only top notch rockabilly musicians, they're a creative bunch too. There are twelve tracks on this platter, and they are all self-penned originals, no exceptions! With Ralph Rebel and Pete Ludovico, Golly Gee Records has found themselves their own "Leiber and Stoller". The albums hits off with the words: "We're gonna rock, we're gonna roll, we're gonna boogie, but not too slow", so you know what to expect then! "The Rock 'n' Roll Boogie" comes thundering thru your livingroom with a fabulous slapping bass and Pete's deep scraping voice. A new classic that sets the standard for this album: hot rockabilly.

The melodic "Girl Of My Dreams" is a feast for your ears with changing rhythms and great lead guitar instros, followed by a bopping ode to "Pier Louise" with tearing saxes and hot lead guitar. There's no mention on the CD cover who's playing the sax. The electrifying latin intro of "Midnight Cruise" uncovers some surf influences, but changes pace after a minute or so to more hot rocking rockabilly. "This Joint's Gonna Rock Tonight" does all that the title promises and "Searching Eternally" is the first ballad we encounter, the song and style remind a lot of Gene Vincent's "In My Dreams" and it's equally pleasing too.

"Do You Wanna?", "The Trouble With Girls" and "King Pin" are very authentic 50s style rockabilly songs, Pete's vocals come out very good, this guy's got a pretty fair rockabilly voice. The country styled "Hogtied" tells the story of a guy who doesn't want to get married and "Little Bitty Ditty" is sure to get your feet moving again on a greasy slapping bass rhythm. The closing track is one more rocking ballad titled "Another Heartache", yes Pete's voice is really cut out for this, great song. And although all vocals are very 'understandable', if you would like to have the lyrics to any of these songs, they are all available from the Golly Gee Records website, as well as soundsamples of all tracks.

Introducing the band:
Pete Ludovico - Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Ralph Rebel - Lead Guitar
Joe Klemmer - Drums
Tom Hopkins - Upright Bass

Contact information:
Golly Gee Records, Inc.
4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 134, #520
Greenville, DE 19807

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001