All I Ever Wanna Do, The Tri Sonics
Independent, 2003

Just like Jerry Lee Lewis always used to say: "you gotta either be red hot or ice cold; 'cause the good lord's bound to spit you right out if you're just luke warm". Well, this much is certain: the old man upstairs wouldn't ever even think about spitting this band out. Hardly anyone else in town these days makes for bustling dance floors, sweaty faces and steamy windows as easily as the Tri Sonics do. Barbara Streidl on the stand-up bass and drummer Ralf Nickolaus are a freight train of a rhythm section that'll easily run any bullet train right off the tracks. And singer/guitar player Derek Singleton up front on the locomotive isn't about to stop this choo choo, not even if the next stop turns out to be a head station. The Tri Sonics set spans several hours with a mix of rock and roll standards from the likes of Elvis, The Beatles and the Stray Cats as well as their own material, which is in that same tradition and is bound to rock the roof off any house.

The band has also independently released a CD single to demonstrate their powers. The CD contains 5 songs, 3 of which were written by Derek Singleton. The first original is "Wait and See", and it's modern age rockabilly just the way I like it. A stomping bass line, kick-ass rhythm and awesome guitar licks with just a little bit distortion make a powerful sound. Carl Perkin's "Gone, Gone, Gone" cannot ever be topped, but The Tri Sonics do a pretty good rendition. They like to add that the lyrics are in no way meant to depict Derek's wife. Just a little joke among the guys themselves I guess.

The same can be said about Ricky Nelson's "My One Desire" (written by Dorsey Burnette), good old rock 'n' roll. Seems that band is pretty good in writing their own stuff, 'cause their self-penned songs are way much better than the coversongs, or maybe that's just because we know the big hits from the 50s all by heart. The title song "All I Ever Wanna Do" is another scorcher, real gone rockabilly all the way. The last track is the inevitable slow song, not cool or red hot, just slow. The overall sound of The Tri Sonics is pretty great and my guess is we haven't heard the last of these guys. They rock!

The Tri Sonics are:
Derek Singleton - Vocals, Guitar
Barbara Streidl - Upright Bass
Ralf Nickolaus - Drums

Bookings or enquiries:
Derek Singleton
Hauptstr. 120
85399 Hallbergmoos
Phone +49 811 95348
Mobile +49 174 3177807 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003
Additional information by The Tri Sonics