Invasion Of The Saucermen, The Tremors
Brain Drain Records BD-8

Invading Europe from North Carolina (USA) with their own kind of original stomping rockabilly sounds, here are Jimmy, Slim & Stretch. The Tremors are something out of your mamas worst nightmare, mixing the pill poppin' style of Carl Perkins and the weirdness of Hasil Adkins, these boys will charm you with a little jungle rockabilly and send you straight to Mars with their original alien rock.

The Tremors like to confuse people a bit I guess, because when you first look at the cover of their new CD, you would swear it was a surf instrumental album. Not true! They do have influences from the surf and monster bop scene, but the Tremors are fast and furious neo rockabilly all the way, even though the first track "World War III Boogie" is an intrumental.

The intro of "Invasion Of The Saucermen" sounds like an old 50s science fiction movie, great sound effects, followed by an uptempo rockabilly story, "War of the Worlds" style, which has always been a great subject for rockabilly songs. I don't really know if "Somatose" is a proper word, or a combination of somatic and comatose... like in drinking a hell of a lot and getting physical, preferably with a beautiful kitten of course. "Idle Hands" is more tradional style rockabilly, but still in the hard hitting Tremor style.

Note that 11 out of 14 tracks were written by the Tremors themselves. The 3 remaining songs are covers of Charlie Feathers "Jungle Fever", Kenny Parchman's "Treat Me Right" and Jack Earls'"Crawdad Song". All 3, but especially "Jungle Fever", sound great after getting the "Tremor Treatment".

All in all, this is again a pretty cewl album by The Tremors, ranging from authentic rockabilly to very spacy neo stuff. I must say that you might find the utterly fast "Atomic Jesus" a bit over the top. It's sometimes hard to believe that the Tremors are a trio, so much sound! They are definitly great musicians, and they play superb rockabilly, with a mean streak.

Since the album was recorded in orginal 3-D Tremorvision (I like the sound of that) it comes with an pair of 3-D glasses. This is very nice, but nothing new (although the Tremors might think so) because in 2003 the Los Straitjackets album "Supersonic Guitars In 3-D" also came with a pair of spectacles. So now I have 2, anyone want to join me at the Drive-In for a good Tremor Movie like "Invasion Of The Saucermen"???


World War III Boogie / Invasion Of The Saucermen / Somatose / Idle Hands / Atomic Jesus / Jungle Fever / (I Ain't No) Two Timin' Man / Devil's Eyes / Workin' Overtime / Treat Me Right / The State Patrol / Shakin' From Seizures / Late Night Drive-In Monster Show / The Crawdad Song

The Tremors are (left to right):
Slim Perkins - Slap Bass
Stretch Armstrong - Drums
Jimmy Tremor - Vocals, Guitar

Information & bookings:
The Tremors
P.O. Box 77782
Greensboro, NC 27417
Phone: +1 (336) 855 8214

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006