Demon Boogie Fever, The Tremors 
Brain Drain BD-0013


A lot has been written on this website already about this fabulous rockabilly out of North Carolina, USA. No need to introduce them again, just have a peek at the previous pages published over the years on our web:

2004: The Scourge Of The South
2005: Uranium Rock
2006: Invasion Of The Saucermen

And now we write 2009 and either it has been a bit quiet around the Tremors for a few years, or they just didn't bother to send in their CD's. Whatever the reason, it's been 3 years we wrote about this trio, and there's a pretty good reason to do so again today, because their latest record "Demon Boogie Fever" is spinning in my player and I get the shivers going up and down my spine. These guys know how to make "my kinda music". Rockabilly, the way it was supposed to be played, with passion and soul.

Jimmy Tremor's voice is excellent and cut out right for rockabilly, his hickups sometimes remind of Charlie Feathers, one of the originating legends of rockabilly music. Jimmy's guitar picking is clean, fast and nerve wrecking. Together with the hurtful thumping of Slim Perkins' upright bass and the steady beat of Stretch Armstrong's drums, the trio guarantees a full band sound, and more...

All tracks were written by the trio, except "Love Me", the fantastic opener of this album, which is a Phantom original, Rockin' Bones (Ronnie Dawson), I Got It (Little Richard), Big City (Joe Sparks) and Rock Boppin' Baby (Edwin Bruce, Collins Kids). Both the original songs as the covers all sound very sparkling and fresh. Very well done.

The album even includes a tribute to yours truly with a song titled "Black Cat Blues". The only thing is, they unfortunately forgot to dedicate it to me in the liner notes (bummer!) Great song anyway!! Rock on guys!

Love Me / Screamin' Mimi / Big City / Blue Moon Woman / Rock Boppin' Baby / Your Wicked Heart / Hi-Fi Rock 'N' Roll / Fuss & Fight / Black Cat Blues / Rockin' Bones / Sweet Lovin' Man / Demon Boogie Fever / I Got It

The Tremors are:
Jimmy Tremor - Vocals, Guitar
Slim Perkins - Slap Bass
Stretch Armstrong - Drums

Information & bookings:
The Tremors
P.O. Box 77782
Greensboro, NC 27417
Phone: +1 (336) 855 8214 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2009