The Scourge Of The South, The Tremors
Brain Drain Records BD-6

Invading Europe from North Carolina (USA) with their own kind of original stomping rockabilly sounds, here are Jimmy, Slim & Stretch. The Tremors are something out your mamas worst nightmare, mixing the pill poppin' style of Carl Perkins and the sex appeal of Elvis these boys will charm you with a little dixie fried rock 'n' roll and send you straight to Mars with its original alien rock: "The Scourge of the South."

Their dedication to the musical roots of rock 'n' roll comes through in every whipsaw atomic blast. Through passionate research and exploration into rock 'n' roll history, the band has assembled the finest and most legendary songs of the 50s. Throw in some of their own rockin' original material and you've got rockabilly as pure, authentic and strong as Tennessee sour mash. I guess you have to be a US Southerner to know what Tennessee Sour Mash is, but I think I got the message here.

Starting off with a hard pounding, fast paced rockabilly bopper titled "100 Proof Blues Boogie", you'll know immediatly that these guys mean business. Rockabilly business that is, fast and loud. Actually, what caught my attention first was the cover of this new album "The Scourge Of The South", 'cause it looks like 50s horror comic book, not to mention the looks of the bandmembers themselves on the inlay picture... Guitarist Jimmy looks as if he just had his fingers in a 220 volt socket, chubby Slim (how about that contradiction) appears to have escaped from a ZZ Top fanclub night, and Stretch tries hard to tear up yet another one of his skins. Superb design, great pictures, and a magnificent re-design of the Sun Records label. Very well done!

Only 2 cover songs on this album, Jerry Lee's "It'll Be Me" and Warren Smith's "Who Took My Baby", both these original Sun tracks got the Tremors treatment, just as they did to the Sun label. The Tremors' self-penned tracks vary from authentic 50s rockabilly ("My Kitten is Up a Tree"), to hard knocking neo-rockabilly with scorchy lead guitar breaks ("Pill Popper"), and a little of everything else in between. Not for the faint-hearted rockabilly fan, but great rockin' music, with a touch of horror, all the way.

A night with The Tremors is a hell-bent chicken run through the greatest music in American history - Rockabilly - the hybrid of blues and country music that became rock 'n' roll and changed the world.

100 Proof Blues Boogie / My Kitten is Up a Tree / Rockin All the Time / Danny Blade / It'll Be Me / Pill Popper / Real Short Fuse / Riot / Call to My Reward / Nervous Wreck / Who Took My Baby? / Tremors Bop

The Tremors are:
Jimmy Tremor - Vocals, Guitar
Slim Perkins - Slap Bass
Stretch Armstrong - Drums

Information & bookings:
The Tremors
P.O. Box 77782
Greensboro, NC 27417
Phone: +1 (336) 855 8214 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004