Track Down Baby, The Tennessee Trio
Raucous Records, RAUCD 066

South Yorkshire (UK) based rockabillies, The Tennessee Trio, are cutting loose with 14 authentic boppin' tracks, with their first release "Track Down Baby". The new millenium saw the formation of a new trio of hot boppin' hillbilly cats, who, in a matter of months, have played all over the North of England and done their first recordings at Blackpool's Riverside Studio's.

The fact that this CD contains all covers doesn't necessarily mean that The Tennessee Trio don't have their own sound, the contrary is true. I really enjoyed this band's first release the first time I heard it. The trio plays covers of songs that are hard to find in their original form, so I think this release will sure help getting some attention again to many forgotten greats. The CD starts off with a cover of one of my all time favorites, Tom James' "Track Down Baby", which has been speeded up a little for the occasion. Leon Bass' "Country Hicks" sounds very authentic, as does Bill Bowen's "Have Myself A Ball". "Burnin' The Wind" (Billy Wallace) is a pure Southern style rockabilly song with great doghouse bass. "Roses Are Blooming" (originally by the Silva-Tones I think) was more of a popsong in 1956, but the Tennessee Trio managed to give it a rockabilly beat. George Hamilton's (yes, the fourth, I never seen one, two or three) "If You Don't Know" is pepped up a bit too and sounds like a very genuine hillbilly boogie song.

Rudy Thacker's "Mountain Guitar" slows down the pace a bit; where do these cats get their orginals from, I haven't heard this one in ages. Number eight is another Bill Bowen song "Don't Shoot Me Baby" (great lyrics) and number nine is another one of those all time favorites of mine, Jim Oertling's "Old Moss back". Although I don't think that Jim's original can ever be topped, if you like fishing you should really listen to this song. Fifties lyrics that are not about girls or cars for a change :) "Rock 'n' Roll On Saturday Night" is a great song, although I must confess that I don't know the original, Teddy & The Tigers covered it way back and that's how I know this song. "Servant Of Love" (Van Brothers) is another rockabilly classic, recorded in the true fifties early rockabilly style. Last track is Buck Griffin's MGM classic "You'll Never Come Back", still sounding great.

I told you so, all covers, but the choice of the songs is exceptional, most of these songs are little heard of these days and all of 'em worth listening too. And eh, NO drums, just the way it was in the old days. If you enjoy early rockabilly music as I do, you best get your hands on this release..

The Tennessee trio are:
"Tombstone" Grieves - Doghouse Bass
"Scotty" May - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm
"Mule" Skinner - Lead Guitar

The BlackCat, 2000

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