Leopardman, The Town Rebels
Hot W-A-X CD-003

The Town Rebels were founded in 1984 in Giessen, Germany. The line-up changed quite often over the years, the only founding member remaining today is Andy Endruschat (drums). He's a rebel from head to toe! In 1990 the band released their released their debut E.P. with 4 selfpenned songs. In 2000 the band presented a tribute album in the memory of all rock 'n' roll superstars from the 50s and 60s titled "Cherished Memories" (Hot W-A-X LP 702). The album contains special tributes to Sreaming jay Hawkins, Hank Mizell, Carl Perkins, Vince Taylor, Warren Smith, Gene & Eddie, Johnny Kidd, Billy Fury, Screaming Lord Sutch and many more. The songs were recorded between 1985 and 2000 with different line-ups.

In 2003 Hot W-A-X released another collectors CD of the Town Rebels titled "Leopardman" with tracks recorded between 1988 and 1998. The Town Rebels play a wide variety of rock 'n' roll music, ranging from rockabilly, Teddy Boy music and surf. Their rebelish sound can best be compared with the British revial sound of the late 70's from the likes of Flying Saucers, Black Cat and Chevrolet.

The Town Rebels are:
Agip - Lead Vocals
Andy Endruschat - Drums
Frank Natterman - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Bertole - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

CD tracklisting:
Jack The Ripper / Pretty Girl / Baby Please Come Home (To Me) / Stomp The Beat / King Of The Surf / Cruisin Down The Highway / I Remember / Only You / Runaway (Instrumental) / She's O.K / Leopardman / Tallahassie Lassie / A Thousand Miles Away (Take Two)

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From LP & CD Linernotes, 2004