Return Engagement, The Torquays
Golly Gee records GGR 1020

Yep, Mel did it again. He sent me over another Surf CD. I know why he does that too, he knows I like it! He also knows that I do not know very much about it, but I know what I like and I like what I hear. Mel, by the way, is the man behind Golly Gee Records, and he's one of those few guys who love "our" music so much, he desperatly wants to share it. Always digging up stuff that is very much worth while listening to, he never sent me a bad or even poor CD yet. And that goes for The Torquays too. All solid, tremendously well played and produced, authentic style instrumental music, as one would expect from Golly Gee. Since I hadn't heard of The Torquays before, I simply surfed to Mel's beautiful website and copied a bit of background information about the band for you.

Initially formed in 1964 by guitarist Jerry Gordon in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, the band has transformed over the years to the current line-up listed below. Some of the members of the group have played with various other instrumental bands and musicians such as Dick Dale and the Del-tones, The Lively Ones, The Goofy Foots, Nokie Edwards of The Ventures, Bob Spickard of The Chantays and George Tomsco of The Fireballs.

The Torquays capture the sight, sound, drive and excitement of instrumental music at its peak with Steve Soest and Armin Brown on electric guitar, Don Parra on bass guitar and Duff Paulsen on drums, marimba and electric guitar. With their matching outfits and matching guitars and amps, The Torquays take the audience to a musical era that is as fresh today as it was in the days of Hot Rods, Hodads, Greasers and Gremmies.

Steve and Armin usually take to the stage with their blonde Fender Jazzmasters and their matching blonde Fender Dual Showman amplifiers. Don supplies the bottom end with his blonde Fender Precision Bass and matching blonde Fender PS400 all-tube amplifier. Duff rounds out the rhythm section with his 60's vintage champagne sparkle Ludwig Classics. On a few occasions he will trade his drums for his matching blonde Fender Jaguar and that's when Steve handles the drum chores. Makes for an interesting set, no doubt! All four write their own original compositions and also contribute to the writing of several tunes with shared credit.

Well, what else do you need to know? I already said that I like it, which of course doesn't necessarily mean that you have to like it too, but my best guess is that you will. So, surf down to Mel's place, listen to some samples, and see if I'm right. Enjoy!

Twilight At Trestles / Tide Pool Q / Dead Sea Stroll / Twitchin' / El Sleazo Chorizo / Nervous Tic / Pit Stop / Hodad / Holiday / Wig-Wham / Ding / Instant Bull / Rip Curl / Sunset Cruise / Splash Zone / 365-Day Weekend / El Baile De Los / Chupacabras / Johnny Cochino / Trilobite / Speedboat [Live] / Milagro Del Mar [Live] / The Pike [Live] / Undertow [Live] / Attack Of The Flying Squirrels [Live] / Roswell Rodeo (Rare Demo)

The Torquays are, and have been...
Jerry Gordon - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Steve Soest - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Armin Brown - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Pete Curry - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Don Parra - Bass Guitar
Duff Paulsen - Drums

Contact information:
Golly Gee Records, Inc.
4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 134, #520
Greenville, DE 19807

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003
Biographical information by Golly Gee Records