Tokyo Heat, J.C. Lee
Nervous Records NERD 104

J.C. Lee is the pseudonym of Lee Gocher, one time front man for The Rapids. This sort of continues the Rapids' "theme" of neo-rockabilly. J.C. Lee is ably assisted on these recordings by some of Britain and Japan's finest neo-rockabilly musicians. This is NOT one of those albums where members of various bands get together and churn out a selection of predictable cover versions. This material was specially written for this album, and all the songs were rehearsed in a professional rehearsal studio before they were recorded with Mick Wigfall at Sweet Georgia Brown's.

I will always be grateful to Lee Gocher and Nick Hoadley for their part in "One Track Mind", a shortlived band who produced one of the most-played albums in my residence titled "Buckaroo Gal". Actually I was kinda hoping that this new album "Tokyo Heat" would be as memorable as "Buckaroo Gal", but sadly it failed to give me the goosebumps. Maybe I just had my hopes up a little too high, because it's surely a good album, with all self-penned original tracks ranging from athentic 50s rockabilly to fast paced neo of which "Man Of Mystery" and "Cat Fight" appealed to me the most. Many of the tracks on this CD are 4 to 5 minutes long, with "Drink Another Bottle Down" as gold medal winner with 5:23 mins, which I think is rather long for a rockabilly song.

The musicians:
Lee Gocher - Vocals, Guitars
Tsuyoshi Okuma - Guitars
Nick Hoadley - Electric & Double Bass
Richie taylor - Drums, Percussion

Tokyo Heat / All You Gotta Do / Cowboy Song #1 / Don't Push My Hart Too Far / I Know, You Know / I'm Tryin' Not To Fall / Man Of Mystery / Nothing Special / Cat Fight / I Just Met You / Always And Forever / Can I Be With You Tonight / Don't Know Why / Take Time / / Drink Another Bottle Down

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004