Dig It, Baby, Dig It, Truly Lover Trio
Twinkletone Records TR 102


Press release:
These talented cats out of Los Angeles have a new rockin’ platter that’s sure to catch fire. "Dig it, Baby, Dig it" sports the Memphis sound of Sun Records and a touch of rockin’ Roy Orbison, all wrapped up solidly with a fresh and raw Rockabilly beat.

TLT have been very busy for the last year or so: they were featured in a motion picture soundtrack, they’ve toured Europe, played at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…Things look good for this music combo that must be doing something right. And this brand new platter shows it.

The recordings on this album sport a full dynamic range. They were not mishandled, over-compressed, mutilated by brick-wall limiters or any other dangerous device to achieve loudness in lieu of the integrity of the music. The listener controls the volume. We wanted them to enjoy the full, undamaged wave of sound the way it was recorded and mixed. You’ll hear strong vocals, strong backing and a nice variety of original tunes. The sound is clear, pure and one of the finest around.

Here's the tracklisting, turn it up, and dig it!
Let's Go Out Tonight (DJ MIX) / Dig It / Party Baby / Cuando Vas a Comenzar / Take Me Home / It's Time / Dream Come True / I'll be Cryin' / Breakin' Up Is Breakin' My Heart / Let's Go Out Tonight (Out-Take) / Together / Chains of Love / Don't Sweat It / Dig It (demo) / Let's Go Out Tonight (Thunderbird Version)

For a band biography and review of their 2004 album "Hey Little Girl" .

The Truly Lover Trio are (L2R):
Jeff Gerow - Drums
Marcel Riesco - Guitar, Vocals
T-Bone Stanton - Stand-up Bass

Contact information:

Courstesy of Marcel Riesco, 2008