On The Roof - Tin Roof Cats
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The Tin Roof Cats from Bremen Germany were founded in 1998 and started as a classic rockabilly trio. Edgar, Mike and Marc stumbled into each other while sneakin' through the dark and dirty alleys of their hometown and decided to give the whole thang a try! All three of them already had made their own band experiences before and played in several combos like The Stablemen, Rumble On The Beach, The Mufflers and Tav Falco's Panther Burns. Ed also backed up Willie Lewis while he recorded an album together with the Stablemen and Marc, the Rumble On The Beach member, already hit the drums at live shows with Rosie Flores, Ben Hewitt and Ray Campi.

Nearly two years ago, Faxe joined the band as the second singer and rhythm guitar player. He already played together with the Boppin' Whoppers and the Mavericks. A little later the bassman Mike had left the band, because of his job and two new family members and shortly after that a cat, named Flo, crossed their ways and became their new bullfiddler!! Since then, the cats got new power and started rockin' and rollin' through Northern Germany and played towns like Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Oldenburg and Wilhelmshaven.

A new album is planned, which is already recorded and will appear in the middle of this year on the No.1 Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly label, Rhythm Bomb Records.

"On The Roof" includes high octane Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly music. Five of these 16 Barnburners are their own compositions and the whole thang rocks from the beginning to the end. Rockin' rollin' Ray Campi wrote some linernotes, and this splatter platter is a real treat! A fantastic mixture of great covers like 5-10-15 Hours, She Got Eyes and Bad, Bad Boy including Rockabilly and R'n'B stuff, instrumentals like Wild Bunch and their own material like On The Roof and High Speed Rumble, shows that the band has a tremendous potential.

Everybody's Rockin' / 5-10-15 Hours / Hold Tight, Miss Dynamite / Rockin' Baby / C'mon Baby, C'mon / On The Roof / Feelin' Kinda Dirty / Let's Go Boppin' Tonight / Bad, Bad Boy / Wild Bunch / She Got Eyes / Crazy Baby / Cottonpickin' / Please, Please Baby / Wanna Love Ya, Pretty Mama / High Speed Rumble

The Tin Roof Cats are:
Marc - Vocals, Drums
Faxe - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ed - Lead Guitar
Flo - Ridin' The Bullfiddle

Info & bookings:
Phone: +49(0)162-3246749 (Ed)

Reviewed by Mr. Firecreek, 2005