Still Rockin'! The Tin Cans 
Mad Drunken Monkey, MDM 003

It's been a couple of years since I reviewed the Tin Cans CD "Take A Ride" (2006), but after changing drummers the band recorded a brand new CD titled "Still Rockin'!" at Burnette's Recording Studio in Berlin. So let's give this shiny record a spin and find out if the boys really are "Still Rockin'!"

Let me start by telling you that the Tin Cans wrote all the songs on this album themselves, with the exception of "Six Days On The Road". That of course is a great accomplishment to begin with! And the first one is titled "Rockabilly Hot Rod". It's always great to have car of motorbike song to start with, listeners can immediatly catch a ride along the rockabilly highway. A minute and a half into the song, I already got goosebumps and I'm turning up the volume to a level the neighbours might not appreciate! Who cares!

2nd song opens with some great guitar picking and when the bass sets in we are treated with a pounding rockabilly song that bounces off my walls with untiring energy. Great lyrics too, the guys can really write exciting songs!

More sparks from my speakers with the faster "All I Wanna Do", followed by another stomping song "Head Over Heels". Track 5 is Dave Dudley's "Six Days On The Road" re-done with a lot more power, and we're rolling down the highway again with the carstereo at max volume.

"It's All Right" is a great slow-slapper, but we're right back on track with "Don't Break My Heart". Great rolling guitar licks! The drummer almost breaks a stick on "Snake Bite", rockabilly with great "drive", I love it!

Alright guys, slow down a bit now! All this pounding is turning me into a "Desperate Man". My woman left me and I'm pretty sure "She Won't Come Back", so all I got left is "Memories Of You". I guess I'll just go "Honky Tonking" tonight. Nice order of titles of these varied songs :-)

Great vocals on "Black Knights", shivers are running up and down my spine again, but "Wild Rockabilly" is not really wild, actually it's kinda slow... or is it?? Half a minute into the song the band picks up speed and the upright bass is going wilder than wild, it makes me "Wanna Bop"!

Is this the end already... hold on guys, there's an untitled hidden song at the end of the album. It's an instrumental that is best explained as "Thunder and Lightning", fabulous picking on the six strings as well as the bass. A real treat!

Well, 16 songs down and the hairs in my neck still raised and craving for more, I can now definitely confirm that The Tin Cans are "Still Rockin'!"

A note from The Tin Cans:
"Jump into the bus, put the pedal to the metal, get the stuff right into the car..." much more than a hundred times our weekend started off like this. After all these years we are anything else but tired of hitting the road and going crazy on stage! We still love! So, honky-tonk all night long, look out if we are in your town, but most of all enjoy our fifth CD! Rockin' regards, The Tin Cans."

Rockabilly Hot Rod / Looking For Love / All I Wanna Do / Head Over Heels / Six Days On The Road / It's All Right / Don't Break My Heart / Snake Bite / Desperate Man / She Won't Come Back / Memories Of You / Honky Tonking / Black Knights / Wild Rockabilly / We Wanna Bop! / Hidden Bonus Track

The Tin Cans are:
Sebastian "Semmel" Glenz - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Claudius "Claude" Wolke - Vocals, Double Bass
Martin Putela - Drums, Vocals

Contact information:
Sebastian Glenz
Anemonenweg 2
53127 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 9250 157

Mad Drunken Monkey Records 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2010