Take A Ride, The Tin Cans
Selfproduced, 2006

Formerly a four piece band, The Tin Cans are now a classical Rockabilly trio, founded some 10 years ago in Germany. Their style is mainly influenced by the 1980's Neo-Rockabilly music. Meanwhile they have created their own definition of Neo-Rockabilly, which ranges from Country to Rockabilly to Rock 'n' Roll.

The Tin Cans are all very experienced musicians with a deep love for hot rockin' rockabilly muic. They've earned their tracks in bands such as The Magnetics, Red Velvet Trio, Boppin Bears, Scannerz, Hot Riffs and Paralyzers. They wrote 12 out of 13 songs themselves, and I have no idea who wrote the 13th "Gonna get Rid", because they forgot to mention that on the CD cover. Possibly it was written by Dusty Grey, who is a guest musician on this track, doing vocals & rhythm guitar.

The album hits off with "The Only Thing I Care For" and a thundering upright bass is rolling through my office speakers. I'm in the mood already! A pounding rockabilly song, with just a little country influence. You just have to love it. And it gets better, even though the pace is somewhat slower on track 2 "Bye Bye", the bass is pumped up and eagerly stomping along, some real cool guitar riffs are varied with excellent lyrics and vocals.

"Rockin' Til Daylight" is wild man, and the 80's Neo influence begins to shine through. Neo mind you! Because this is not psycho, the sound stays true to the original 50's rockabilly, and Johnny Burnette would have enjoyed it I'm sure. It seems the Tin Cans have no plans whatsoever to slow things down, because the rocking goes on with a fabulous "Who's That Girl?" and a lot more great and brand new rockabilly songs.

On track number 8, the pace is finally slowing down a bit. "You Caught My Heart" has a kind of Johnny Cash styled rhythm and some real gone country licks. No time to rest, the stomping is right back on the songs that follow. The hard hitting snare drums on "Get Lost" make a good impact too.

All vocals are pretty good, no German accents on this all-English album. And a damn good album if you ask me. Lotsa great music, awesome rhythms and sharp guitar riffs. Very enjoyable, and very danceable as well. A job well done.

The Only Thing I Care For / Bye Bye / Rockin' Til Daylight / Who's That Girl? / I Know What You Want / You're Wasting My Time / Deeo Loving Man / You Caught My Heart / Girl Of Mine / Rich Man / Gonna Get Rid / Get Lost / Goodbye My Friends

This CD can be ordered on-line from the Tin Cans' website.

The Tin Cans are:
Sebastian "Semmel" Glenz - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Claudius "Claude" Wolke - Lead Vocals, Double Bass
Thomas "Lutti" Luttmann - Drums, Backing Vocals

Contact information:
Sebastian Glenz
Anemonenweg 2
53127 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 9250 157


Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2006