Rockin' Dream, The Rockets
On Stage OSR 010

In 1992 the "Jive Rockets" were formed and they started their adventures on the rock 'n' roll scene with big influences from the 50's era. They went over different styles and genres, such as rock-a-billy, rock 'n' roll, thrash, boogie and jive). As the years went by, every "rocket" went their own way. Sometimes they met again at the crossroads, with bands like "The Red Hot", "The Jitterbugs", "The Shapes" and "The Speedballs". Still searchin' for the real thing, they decided to arm their "rockets" again, shortened the band's name to just The Rockets and hit the r'n'r highway with a raw sound of original rockabilly (well fitted in today's hard reality). Their song "Rockin' Dream" was included on the "White Boppin' Tower" compilation album.


The Rockets released a 10" EP titled "Rockin' Dream" on "On Stage Records". Recorded and mixed at View Studios in Athens, the EP contains 4 tracks, inlcuding the previously released title song "Rockin' Dream". The cover is a great looking fifties design with a hot looking wide hipped blonde chick on the back side.

The opening song "Love Struck" is a hard hittin' rockabilly track with lotsa slapping on the doghouse bass and neat vocal harmonies. "Can't Escape From Your Love" continues in a much slower pace and with a lot of tender feelings and very nice subtle guitar pickin' in a kind of countryish style.

The title song "Rockin' Dream" is back to good old rockabilly again and it tells the story of a man who lives in a dream, not wanting a nine-to-five life, nicely build around some songtitles of Elvis, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent & Johnny Burnette. In addition, the cewl mood changes make this a very memorable song.

The spooky "Ghost Highway" is the last song on this ten-incher. Four totally different songs, each with a story to tell, and all great in their own right. Pretty damn good debut EP. One minute sound samples are available in MP3 format from the band's website. The Rockets have send us their original lyrics, they can be found in the lyrics section of our website.

The Rockets are:
Ace Moreno - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Nick - Lead Guitar
Buddy - Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Wolfman - Drums

Contact information:
Anastasios Savoulidis
Ag. Charalambous 47
11474 Gizi, Athens

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005