Texas Heat, Mack Stevens
Rollin' Rock CD-104

This is Mack Stevens' third CD for Rollin' Rock Records. As usual it contains a variety of styles; from rockabilly, "Get It On With You," to New Orleans' Rhythm & Blues, "Tell Daddy," to the Tex-Mex influenced, "Yo Te Dije." We even hear a little bit of the "Tarantella" in the solo of the humorous rockabilly stomper "Basta Dont Mean Pasta," one of the few songs "Yours Truly" has written in the last 25 years!

Billy's very catchy guitar riffs, haunting melodies and strong lyrics can be found in songs like "She's Not Bad," a melodic rockabilly tune which would easily make it into the top ten of the country and pop charts, if we truly still had "country" and "pop" charts!

We have not left out the Western Soul, since both Mack and I are dedicated Westerners (The Texas - Las Vegas Alliance!), with eerie heart-wrenching cowboy songs such as "The Streets Of Dodge." Mack's darker side comes thru in the blood-curdling "Psycho" which has no bass and no drums, very unusual for Rollin' Rock! A pleasant and great surprise was finding out Vegas rockabilly filly Jessica Rooth to be a roaring vocalist! Check her duet out in "Take A Number."

During the recording session I wanted to record a scorching rocker, but Mack had forgotten the lyrics of such a song at home. I then told Mack that Billy, Matias and I would be going to the kitchen to have a salad; and that when we come back in about five or six minutes, he better have written one! True enough, Mack Stevens did not dissappoint us by delivering the very savage scorcher "You Turn Me On." Check it out! It'll set your butt on fire!

I hope you enjoy this very exciting, very varied, new Rollin' Rock CD. Which proves once again how there is nothing like real Rockabilly/Rock 'n' Roll to really get things shakin' in the new Millenium. The sound of America's youth, dig it!

Always Rollin' The Rock, Rockin' Ronny Weiser
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A note from Mack...

Here's my 3rd CD for Rollin' Rock and it's a Barn Burner! This one features my late great band the Hardcore Cats, who are no longer with us as a result of expired visas, bad booking agents (the exception being Texas Mike, who could actually book shows), and a 65.000 mile year that wore out two vans. These songs were cut at El Rancho Ronny during our 2nd tour out west, and I'm pretty proud of the results. Ronny's crazy about "She's Not Bad" - he calls it phenomenal - but my personal fave is "The Moon's Not Mine Anymore" - this is one song that for me, WORKS! I hope yall pick up on it.

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