Burning Miles, The Tennessee Boys
El Toro ETCD 2031

This CD from the Tennessee Boys is subtitled "The Lost Sessions vol. 1". Other than their name might suggest, the boys are from Portugal, and not from the US. But don't let this little detail hold you back: this is pure american rockabilly. In the inner sleeve there's some information and the owner of Rockabilly Record Company in Denver, Willie Lewis, writes:

In the summer of 1994, I got a short letter from a cat named Pedro Serra who lived in Portugal. He told me that he had a rock-a-billy band called "The Tennessee Boys", and they wanted to come visit us and try to do some recordings at our home in Denver Colorado. I had a number of doubts about their idea, and suggested that they think it over quite seriously before making such a decision. After all, they were all very young men, and had never really been away from home before. About three weeks later we got a call from the airport saying that they were here and could we give them directions to our house! We were more than a little surprised to say the least! A couple of hours later in walked these four young hep cat looking boys, with smiles on their faces and rock-a-billy in their hearts.

After a few days of getting adjusted to a pretty much different "world" than they had been used to, we took them out to our favorite rock-a-billy club called Ziggies Saloon and introduced them all around to the cats and kitties who were there hangin' out. They borrowed some instruments from one of our local be-bop bands called the Hillbilly Hellcats and the town of Denver was changed forever! Them boys took all of us by complete storm! I mean, they flat rocked our socks off, and soon became the rock-a-billy "house band" and played almost every weekend there. It didn't take them very long before they'd won over the hearts and minds of every Rockin' cat and kitty we had in town and a number of bands such as High Noon (who they more than held their own with), The Roadhouse Rockers, and various other bands.

During the week, we got together almost every day and jammed and recorded. I had the pleasure of recording a number of tracks with them myself and they also recorded a large number of their own songs as well as covers of classic rockers. This CD is (in my humble opinion) the very best of those recordings, and shows just how talented these cats really were. I've heard other recordings they had made in studios, but none of them even came close to the power and spontaneity (which is after all what makes rock-a-billy music what it is) of these recordings. They stayed with us in Denver for just about a year and gave us the very best of their unique style of music, and everybody simply loved each and every one of them in return. It broke our hearts to see them go, but as most things in life, all good things must come to an end. Denver was never really the same after they were gone though. Although they're no longer active as a band, we here all wish them the very best! As someone who had the opportunity to really get to know these boys, (and who is as much of an "expert" as there can be in the field of rock-a-billy field music) I can guarantee you'll get your shoes rocked right off'n yer' feet when you put this little gem on the ol' play and spin it! So, put your rockin' shoes on and hold on to yer' hats cats and kitties! The Tennessee Boys are gonna "ROCK YOUR WORLD"!
By Willie Lewis (owner of the Rock-a-billy Record Company).

On with the review, I can tell you I agree with Willie Lewis: this CD will rock you off of your socks. Track 1 blasts off like a rocket to the moon, and I'm sure you'll be seeing stars all over before you finished listening to the last song. Razorsharp guitar licks, thumping bass, and crazy vocals will grab your attention from beginning to end. Being a fine mix of cover songs and selfpenners I can't imagine how in the world this album ever could be "lost". Anyway, it's released now, so if you have a chance to grab a copy, don't hesitate and take it home!

Just Let Me Tell You / Crazy Crazy Lovin' / Burning Miles / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine / I'm Blue / Rock Roll & Rhythm / This Heart Of Mine / Crazy Man Crazy / Blue Hearted Fool / Draggin' / Rock A Billy Ball / Movie Magg / Keep It On Your Mind

The Tennessee Boys are:
Jorge Fortunato - Rhythm and Steel Guitar
Mike Traveira - Guitar
Pedra Serra - Drums and Lead vocals
Nuno Alexandre - Stand Up Bass

Contact information:
El Toro Records
P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117


Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2006