Teen Town U.S.A. Series, Various Artists 
YEAAH! (Almafame)

From the very first track on volume one by The Nighthawks (Eddie Reeves with Buddy Holly on lead guitar) I was swept off my feet. This is one beautiful, professional and down right good looking production. I don't believe this has ever been done before, at least not to this extend. Teentown U.S.A. is a delightful collection of teen rock 'n' roll from the late fifties and the early sisxties. The quality can be easily compared with Bear Family's rockabilly series "That'll Flat Git It". Each album is accompanied by a small booklet with lots of essential information about the artists and recordings, something many other series are lacking (like the Rockabilly Gold series).

The first volume came out in 1999 and now, we write end of 2001, the third volume is available, and I must urge you to get hold of all three gems. The sound quality is better than can be expected and many, if not most, of the songs are pretty rare these days. The collection ranges from beautiful ballads, to heart-rending love songs, to boppin' teen-a-billy, to fast paced rock 'n' roll classics. Rare recordings of well known and lesser known artists like Buddy Holly, Bobby Lee Trammel, Ronnie Dawson, Johnny Rivers, Glen Glenn, Paul Simon, Eddie Reeves, the list is endless. Thirty tracks on every volume! Also included the titlesong of the series, Buddy Lee's "Teentown U.S.A." on volume one. One of the best compilation series available today, and surely THE  best on the subject. All CDs can be ordered online directly from the Almafame shop:

This series was previously released in the U.S. on Lost Gold Records.

Click here for a full tracklisting of all four volumes!

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