Evil Boppin', The Tazmanian Devils
RazmaTaz Records, TAZ CD 001

Hi again guys an' gals, this time we have something a little bit more... how can I say? Terrifying? Scary? RazmaTaz Records just released the debut album of The Tazmanian Devils. This trio appears with a mixture of oldschool psycho and wild rockabilly. Well, they call it "Zombie Rock 'n' Roll". When you listen to the lyrics it reminds somehow of the late great Screamin' Lord Sutch. But that's just the lyrics, and only a little bit. It's not that I don't like it fast paced, that I do, but not this much. This is kind of frantic. You could probably say it's psychobilly and it's definitely not my cup of tea. Lord Sutch was much more rock 'n' roll. However, if you like that frantic-psycho-crazy kind of rhythm then this album is for you.

The Tazmanian Devils are from Germany and all of the tracks in the album are self-penned. As I said, most of the lyrics are sort of scary and David's voice sounds like coming directly from hell. Laura's work on the drums is really astonishing (it doesn't seem that a girl's beating the skins) and Salmi's abilities on the guitar are terrific as well. RazmaTaz is issuing this album on red vinyl only. Well, give it a spin and see if you dig it, folks.

12 O'Clock Shock / No More / Hot Rod Trip / Tonight / On Your Way / Mean Mean Man / Killing Kind Of Love / Evil Bop / Railroad Blues / Record Machine / Mary Lou / Beware Of The Martians/ Other Side Of Town

The Tazmanian Devils are:
Salmi - Guitar
Laura - Drums
David - Bass & Vocals

Contact information:
David Scheuer
Claudiusstr, 4
06618 Naumburg
Phone: +49 (0)174 4222444


Reviewed by Boppinjack, 2005