Rockin', Taggy Tones
E.S.P. Recordings ESP 911-2

From the fact file of the Taggy Tones: Jess and Jakob meet in Copenhagen in 1988. Emil and Jakob are brothers. Frank and Jess played to gether in a band called "Bluebirds" in the mid-nineties. Jakob and Emil plays togehter in the surf-punk-country band Los Vegas togehter with Paolo Molinari from Wild wax Combo. During the years a lot of friends appeared together with Taggy Tones. Among them Kim and Peter from Nekromantix; Kim and Martin from Godless Wicked Creeps; D.J. Fontana; Alan Wilson from the Sharks; Charlie Hodge, and a lot of others. Jakob wrote a song for Frantic Flintstones: "Stay With Me" - released on the albums "Jamboree" and "Raving with the Lunatics". Frank played guitar and took care of the vocals in a rockabilly band called "One for the Money" in the early nineties.

To most rockabilly fans, the Taggy Tones don't need any introduction at all, they've been around for over a decade and this is their 5th full length album. The opener of the album "Wicked Whale" is an instrumental that reminded me a lot about the late 70s and early 80s band "Black Cat" from England. I was (and in fact still am) a big fan of Black Cat (hence the name of my website) and the raving guitars and hard hitting drums of the Taggy Tones on this song brought back great memories. A song with a promise. I think I'm gonna enjoy writing this review (I always do :-))

"She's Hot" is the second out of 11 self-penned tracks (16 tracks total), and it's traditional rockabilly with all the right ingredients, rhythm, sneering guitars, stomping upright bass and a lot of drive. Still rocking, but at a slightly slower pass, is "It's Got Me Rockin'". Jess' vocals are pretty cool (I like the accent) and the song is kinda of an uptempo ballad. "Rockabilly Rumble" is something else, fast and powerfull, revival rockabilly style with a magnificent screaming saxophone by Hans Nybo. The Taggy Tones' rendition of Johnny Cash' "Folsom Prison Blues" is somewhat faster that the original, and I'm amazed how how Colin Clark's voice voice can reach all the way down to Johnny's low vocals.

"Endless Road" is more of a country song, with additional lap steel by Lynge Wagner, but "My Girl Should Be Like That" and "Ain't The One" pick up the rockabilly rhyhtm again. Great boppers. On "Memories Keep On Haunting Me" we find guest singer Kim Nekroman (Nekromatix) doing his dark spooky vocals, followed by a cover of The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop", fast and wild. Track 11 is a cover of one of the first Batmobile recordings "Bring All My Love" with hard thumping bass. A fabulous rockabilly bopper is the self-penned "One Way Love", and "Gone" is another uptempo ballad with great guitar instros.

Great fast paced contemporary rockabilly is the Taggy Tones version of Elvis Presley's "Burning Love". I guess the King would approve! And here's one more instrumental for you, titled "Theme From Olsen Banden", great song, although I have no idea who Olsen Banden is, must be something Danish...

The last song hits of with a big scream violently followed by The Meteors' "My Kinda Rockin'", a different version than the one released previously on the Meteors tribute CD "Sympathy For The Devil". Great song, almost psychobilly, but very acceptable. This new Taggy Tones album brings a mix of traditional and revival rockabilly, played with a lot of passion. And if you leave the CD spinning long enough (for at least another 3 minutes or so) you will find a hidden bonus track at the end, this German language song is not mentioned on the inlay, but the title sounds like "Super Geil", and that's what can be said about the whole CD. Rock on guys! Play "Wicked Whale" one more time for me please...

The Taggy Tones are:
Frank Rothstein - Drums
Emil Øelund - Guitars
Jess Møller Rasmussen - Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Jakob Øelund - Double Bass

Information & Bookings:
Phone Jess at: +45 4054 8983

Viking Attack (Nervous NERCD 070, 1992)
Lost In The Desert (Nervous NERCD 080, 1995)
Stayin' at Heartbreak Hotel (Milkcow, CDS 10156, 1996)
Live at Eigens (AGM, 1996)
Rockin' (ESP Recordings ESP 911-2, 2003)

For compilations check out the Taggy Tones website.

Kick Music A/S Ltd.
Raadhusstraede 3A
1466 Copenhagen

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003