Never Trust An... Authentic, T-Model Boogie
W.A.L.V. Records, 2005

Nearly 3 years ago, Wainer and Vittorio, of the Italian band "The Jailors" from Bologna, decide to create a new 50's rock 'n' roll combo. A female vocalist named Antonella joins 'em, and last but not least, Luca Dynosaur is added on drums. T-Model Boogie's repertoire includes rock 'n' roll and rockabilly with a heavy touch of country and fast rhythm & blues. The band makes their own typical arrangements with many duets and a wild beat. The band released their debut album "Rock 'n' Roll Swindle" in 2003.

So here it is, the second full length platter by this Italian act, fronted by a very pretty lady, and recorded at Chez Sergio's in Bologna. There aren't many rockabilly bands around that have female singers, and T-Model Boogie claims to be the only one in Italy. The album cover is done pretty neat in authentic 50's style, so let's hear what's inside...

All 12 tracks on the CD are coversongs, so I guess it's fair to say that T-Model Boogie is mainly a coverband. The opening track is a very good rendition of The Horton Brothers' "Lovin' Lorene", sung as a duet. The second song is Janis Martin's "Cracker Jack", lead vocals by Antonella, and I'm very sorry to say that she can't quite keep in tone on this one. Janis' voice is of course hard to top, so it might have been a better idea to sing this song in duet too, to cover up the minor mistakes.

Antonella does better on Lillian Briggs' "I Want You To Be My Baby", it's a lot faster and that seems to serve her voice a little better. Good covers of "Hit That Jive Jack", "Right Around The Corner" and "Bayou Rock" makes it very clear to me that the duets on this album are definitly the better songs. The traditonal "Vaya Con Dios" should have been left out, it's not a rock 'n' roll song and Antonella's fake dialect doesn't sound very appealing.

Duke Ellington's "Caravan", a highly energetic instumental, and Willy Dixon's bluesy rocker "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" are by far my favorite tracks on the CD. The band sure has a heap of energy, and the overall sound is pretty cool. You will have to turn up the bass on your amp though, because the double bass is mixed in on a rather low volume. Seems to me that this is a band that you gotta see and hear live on stage.

Lovin' Lorene / Cracker Jack / Mumbles Blues / I Want You To Be My Baby / Hit That Jive Jack / Right Around The Corner / Vaya Con Dios / Bayou Rock / Caravan / You're My Sugar / I Just Wanna Make Love To You / Rock This Joint (Hey Roooock!)

T-Model Boogie are:
Vittorio Uncle Fester - Guitar
Luca Dinosauro - Drums
Antonella - Lead Vocals, Chorus
Wainer - Lead Vocals, Double Bass

Contact information: 
Phone: +39 338 3919 350

Rockin' & Rhythm Fanzine:
Alberto Bellesini
Via Manzoni 9
46026, Quistello (MN)

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005