I Sure Miss... Gene Vincent, Various Artists
Rock Therapy Records RTCD 200015

Rock Therapy Records (a subsidiary of El Toro Records, Spain) scored high on my list, because I have been a Gene Vincent fan just about forever. Hearing young rockabilly artists from all over the globe putting in a lot of effort again to keep Gene's memory alive just means the world to me. And it's not only the intentions that are great, the record itself is sure worth while from beginning to end.

Those of you who own the first Rock Therapy 45 release "A Tribute To Gene Vincent" (soon to be a collector's item) will find a few familiar songs on this CD, because all 4 tracks of the before mentioned vinyl release are included on the this platter. These were tracks by The Racketeers (USA), The Spectres (USA), Running Wild (Belgium) and Trailor Park Casanovas (also from the US). Actually, there are 2 tracks by Trailer Park Casanovas here, both from their first CD "End Of An Era".

Of course, every song on this releases (except for the last track) was released by Gene Vincent at one time or another. The CD blasts off with the beautiful female voice of Toine & The Tomcats (Norway) singing a great version of one of my Gene Vincent favorites "Race With The Devil". Great song, great fast paced hard slappin' cover. Memphis Mike (USA) does a real cool interpretion of the sensitive "Rose Of Love" followed by Junior Marvel's rocking "Dance To The Bop". Junior has recorded before for the Belgium based Mac Records label. Gene's biggest hit "Be-Bop-A-Lula" is performed by Chuck Owston, also from the US. Not many well known rockabilly artists come from Argentina, but a song by Radio Texas is included here named "Right Now". The Frampton Brothers (US) rock real hard with their version of "A Million Shades Of Blue" and Dr. Wu's Rhythm Soul Revue does the strangest cover of "Jump Back Honey, Jump Back" you ever heard, with a lot of brass. Pretty good though! "Lovely Loretta" is covered by The Atomics (US) and the final track is an original by the German band Jimmy Castle & The Knights titled "I Sure Miss Gene". A song that explains exactly the way I feel just about every day.. Yes, I sure still miss Gene ...

01 Race With The Devil, Toine & The Tomcats
02 The Rose Of Love, Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers
03 Dance To The Bop, Junior Marvel And His Flyers
04 Pretty Pretty Baby, Trailer Park Casanovas
05 Be-Bop-A-Lula, Chuck Owston
06 My Heart, Running Wild
07 Right Now, Radio Texas
08 A Million Shades Of Blue, The Frampton Brothers
09 Spaceship To Mars, The Racketeers
10 Crazy Legs, Memphis Mike & The Legendary Tremblers
11 Flea Brain, The Spectres
12 Jump Back Honey Jump Back, Dr. Wu's Rhtyhm Soul Revue
13 Lovely Loretta, The Atomics
14 Everybody's Got A Date, Running Wild
15 Five Days, Trailer Park Casanovas
16 I Sure Miss Gene, Jimmy Castle & The Knights

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The BlackCat, 1999