Superfloor at the Culemborg Blues Festival

First let me apologize to my regular readers that this review is not about rockabilly. This is all about a band I ran into last night at the annual Culemborg Blues Festival. Actually, we were there to catch Julian Sas, a Dutch blues legend who was topping the bill on the main stage. We went down quite early to see some of the other bands on various podia in the centre of Culemborg, and just a couple of hundred meters down Mainstreet we ran into a band named Superfloor, who attracted our immediate attention by the great looks of singer Floor Kraayvanger. The three of us, all healthy "young" guys, of course we have an eye out for good looking women, but the reason we stayed there for two full sets was not Floor's looks, but the sound of her voice. Very clear, very bluesy, full of energy and soul, we were really amazed.

The three piece band backing her up were something else too. Hard hitting steady drums, great bass lines and a very good lead guitarist who had no trouble at all playing blues favorites from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top. A tremendous rendition of Stevie Ray's "Cold Shot" is still echoing through my head, not to mention the best bluesy performance of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love". And the crowd was loving it, I didn't see anyone leave until after two encores, they were all just just gazing at this amazing band. Later that evening we enjoyed a one-and-a-half hour gig by Julian Sas, he was great as always, but the thing we will remember best of this year's Culemborg Blues are those two powerfull sets by a band named Superfloor.

Superfloor: hard rockin' blues for the soul, a steamin'-in-your-face rock outfit with a leading lady that can wail like an air raid siren. Superfloor won the Arrow Classic Rock Award and they the opening act for the ACR Festival. The band uses mostly vintage equipment which adds even more to the already superb sound of the band.

Superfloor at Culemborg Blues Fest, 2005 (Photos by The BlackCat)

Superfloor is:
Floor Kraayvanger - Lead- and Backing Vocals
Frank van der Wiel - Guitars
Rob van den Broek - Bass, Backing Vocals
Thomas Calis - Drums

Contact information:

Red Bullet Records

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005