The Stillmen - Go Go Go!
Startone Records STCD 104

Here it is! The first album of San Francisco's Stillmen and they have broken all the moulds with it! Never a modern band from the USA sounded so 'authentic' or call it vintage, retro, whatever you want, like the Stillmen do on these 15 songs, ten of them wrote by Steve Merritt, guitarist of the quartet. Since the tracks were recorded in different sessions and places, their two previous 45's have been included too, there are some sound differences between them but the whole CD has a 50's sound and spirit that you only can hear listening to the old Sun Records 45's. 36 minutes of pure, frantic and savage Rockabilly which put the CD between the 6 bests vintage Rockabilly albums of the last 2 years. I won't name a single song as the best and so on, I just can say if you're a Rockabilly fan you must have this CD in your collection or stop visiting this site! A fantabulous album!

Carlos Diaz, Rock Therapy Magazine 1999