Steamroller Blues, Featuring Kevin Fennell
Independent Release, 2003

4 Track Cd-single Release

This is not your regular rockabilly release, no sir, it's Chicgao blues all the way. So why review it on this website? Firstly because I liked what I heard very much, and second because lead guitarist Kevin Fennell is a good friend of mine, and he has earned his spot in our Hall of Fame for his lifetime dedication to music, especially rockabilly as guitarist for the legendary Ray Campi. Make sure to read Kevin's extensive biography elsewhere on this website!

While still recording and performing with Ray Campi on occasion, Kevin also has his own band "Steamroller Blues", which as the name implies, is a blues band, and Kevin handles the lead guitar as usual. Kevin has played many different types of music in the past, ranging from rockabilly to jazz to country and bluegrass, and even some downright hardrock. Blues and rockabilly has always been Kevin's main stay, and just by listening to this CD-single release you know that this is what the man does best...

Although this is a CD-single release, blues songs tend to go on a little longer that your average rockabilly song, so the 4 tracks expand to a total playing time of 20 minutes, starting off with "Born In Chicago". A steady blues song with excellent rhythm, rolling basslines and some fine harmonica interludes. The sound reminds of the early Sun recordings of Frank Frost.

"I'm Tore Down" is a bit faster, almost leaning towards rock 'n' roll, with Kevin tearing away in a fabulous guitar break. The title track "Steamroller Blues" is back to basics, blues the way it was intended way back on the cottonfields I guess. Not immediatly appealing to rockabilly fans, but a very well done song, sit back and relax, enjoy Kevin's two full minute guitar solos on this seven-and-a-half minute song. "Walking The Dog" picks up speed again, again in that destinctive Frank Frost style, you just gotta like it, this is the kind of music where rock 'n' roll found it's roots.

Surely a CD to enjoy, especially the Kevin Fennell fans should check out this latest project of a man who has made his marker in roots music.

Steamroller Blues is:
Kevin Fennell - Guitar, Vocals
Jay Schermer - Blues Harp
Joe Johnson - Bass
Fred Sandoval - Drums, Vocals

Contact Kevin at:

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003