Greetings from El Paso, Star Mountain Dreamers
Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5628

Kick ass Rockabilly from El Paso, Texas. The Star Mountain Dreamers were formed in 2003 by Fred Contreras and Tony Estrada. The addition of Danny Magaña on drums and several personel changes on bass including Rockin' Lloyd Tripp and now Moe Lopez completes the band.

The music is all hot and spicy Texas rockabilly. If you wanna rock, bop and dig it, this is the platter for you. Great rockabilly rhythms, excellent musicianship and a very specific own sound. You might find that the lyrics are a bit hard to understand on the fast tracks, but the way singer Tony Estrada expresses himself with a huge load of energy is really something else. Although fast and loud, the album was recorded in a very vintage way at the El Paso Texas Mobile Unit of "The Studio That Time Forgot" (San Fransisco, CA).

The album was officially released at the Green Bay Rockin 50s Fest, 2005. The song "Hound Like Me" was selected "Boppin' Crackshot" of August 2005 by the famous Dutch Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle Magazine "Boppin' Around".

Used To Be My Woman / Hound Like Me / Sippin' Syrup / Where've You Been / Devil Moon / Can't Catch And Handle / Texas Rose / She Drives Me High / You Send Me To Heaven / Where'd You Learn Them Things / Rockin' Bandit / Tu Corazón / Puntuación / Enlace Relacionado

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The Star Mountain Dreamers are:
Tony Estrada - Vocals
Fred Contreras - Guitar
Moe Lopez - Upright Bass
Danny Magaña - Drums

Guest musicians:
Rockin' Lloyd tripp - Bass
Eileen Contreras - Acoustic Guitar

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005