A Starlit Shindig With... The Cordwood Draggers
El Toro Records, ETCD 4012

Back in 2002, in London, United Kingdom, The Cordwood Draggers started out as a three piece band with just Upright Bass, Rhythm Guitar and Lead Guitar. The line-up back then was: Mick Cocksedge, Eddie Potter and Jose Espinosa. They recorded two albums (My Baby's Like A Rocketship & Radiation Bop) and played all over the world including Viva Las Vegas 6, Screamin', Hemsby and many other European and American cities. When Jose left the band, Nick Hoadley came playing the Double Bass and was quickly followed by Tony Hillebrandt on Drums. In this line-up the band has really taken off. The boys played at VLV 9, Summer Jamboree (Italy), toured Sweden, Germany, Austria, France and the west coast USA. This is the third CD of The Cordwood Draggers and they have written the majority of songs themselves. "Starlit Shindig" was recorded and mixed on 22nd October 2005 and 3rd March 2006 at The Exchange Studio Camden, London, by Mark Rankin and The Cordwood Draggers. All songs were recorded in "glorious mono" live to tape using ribbon mics, tube amps and tape echo, which gives this album it's original sound.

So let's listen to The Cordwood Draggers!
The opener on this CD is a really nice one. It starts with the selection of a real Jukebox, you can actually hear this mighty machine pick its platter! A great Hillbilly tune is what it found and it's called "Jukebox Tell My Baby". Next on the list is "Kwitchurbelyakin". Well, what's in a word? I've tried to pronounce it, but after a half hour I quit, you're better off listen to this fine Rockabilly song. For "Game Of Love" the Draggers have asked Phil Morgan to play the Pedal Steel, and he does it in a very good way, just as he did on opening song of this CD. Nice song, this one! "Falling For You" is a ballad with backing vocals from The Roomates, which for me personally has done the job, without The Roomates I probably wouldn't like this song, so it's a very, very good thing that they were around! Okay, let's get some Rockabilly: "Where'd Ya Stay Last Night?", stompin' beat and great Guitar play! And then a song which will appeal to all Hot Rodders among us:"255 Flattie", it will you take you home... Not only Hillbilly Guitar and Bass in "Ten Year Itch" but I love the drums in this song. Count down to "Little Martian Honey" this is just the song for me, I like the Double Bass on this one so much, I had to listen to it over and over again! My favourite! And I do like little Martian Honeys... So, back on track with a real great shuffle "Honestly". Shure like The Roomates again. Nice Lap Steel, played by Eddie Potter, and again Bass on this Hillbilly "Lover's Moon". For all truckdrivers there's "Lonesome Truck Driver Blues", steady beat with Pedal Steel by Phil Morgan. The last one on this CD is "Rock Boppin' Again", dance the night away with this one, you won't regret it!! Twelve great songs, all of them first class! I rate this one four and half star, and that because I am a Rockabilly man by nature, and as The Cordwood Draggers say themselves: Only The Cordwood Draggers are 100% Hillbilly !!!!!!

Jukebox Tell My Baby / Kwitchurbelyakin / Game Of Love / Falling For You / Where'd Ya Stayed Last Night? / 255 Flattie / Ten Year Itch / Little Martian Honey / Honestly / Lover's Moon / Lonesome Truck Drivers Blues / Rock Boppin' Again

The Cordwood Draggers are:
Mick Cocksedge - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Potter - Lead Guitar (Lap Steel on track #10)
Nick Hoadley - Double Bass, Backing Vocals
Tony Hillebrandt - Drums

Guest musicians:
Phil Morgan - Pedal Steel on tracks 1, 3 & 11
The Roomates - Backing Vocals on tracks 4 & 9 (courtesy of Ace Records)

Contact Information:


El Toro Records
P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117


Reviewed by Rockin' Kees, 2008