Red's Place, The Starline Rhythm Boys
Cow Island Music, CIM 005

If ever there was a band that deserved to be called "the real deal," that band would be The Starline Rhythm Boys. The Starline Rhythm Boys are a unique voice among American musicians. They hail from the Green Mountain State, Vermont, one of the few places in America fighting successfully to retain its heritage and simpler way of life.

Danny Coane, Billy Bratcher and Big Al Lemery have staked claim to a musical legacy deeply rooted in the country, bluegrass and rockabilly music of the past, yet their songs are as relevant and fresh as any music being made today.

Danny's been singing bluegrass, country and rockabilly in Vermont for over 40 years. Whether he's singing about the loss of his favorite bartender or just how good his gal's cooking is, you know he means it! Big Al's telecaster does most of his talking but his secret weapon is his voice. On Red's Place, Al's harmony vocals shine and his lead vocal's run from sweet and mournful on "It's Anyone's Guess" to rowdy and raucous on his original composition "Drunk Tank".

Produced by Sean Mencher, Red's Place, the Boys third release, represents a blossoming of the songwriting talents of bass player Billy Bratcher. With topics ranging from the elimination of jobs from American soil to the replacement of the family farm with the shopping mall to mourning the loss of the old filling station, these songs resonate with a longing for the simplicity of days gone by yet also reflect the Boys' fighting spirit. In addition to his fine songwriting talents, Billy can slap the stand-up bass along with the best of them.

The beauty and pride of Vermont shine through on the songs of Red's Place. From the ode to one's favorite bar ("Red's Place") to the memorial to one of Vermont's most beloved dairy farmers (A Memory of Fred) you can almost feel the morning dew giving way to bright sunshine.

The Starline Rhythm Boys played over 140 shows in 2006, all, with the exception of two, within Vermont. We think of them as the Vermont State Country Band. So join the great people of the Green Mountain State and support a hard working bunch of fellows who deserve to be heard.

Deke Dickerson sums it up well in the liner notes when he says " far the best new country music I've heard in ages...". As the title track suggests, "Cross the tracks, Spill your facts, at Red's Place."

The Starline Rhythm Boys are (L2R):
Billy Bratcher - Upright Bass
Al Lemery - Electric Guitar
Danny Coane - Vocals, Guitar

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Phone: +1 802-223-5327

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Information provided by W.J. Hunt, 2007
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