Stand Back! Rip Carson & The Twilight Trio 
Rollin' Rock CD-105

Believe it or not cats, this CD was recorded in Ronnie Weiser's Rollin' Rock Studio, Las Vegas in the year 2000. Why is that so unbelievable I hear you ask, many great artist have recorded rockabilly music in the new millenium. Well, the difference is that this platter sounds as if it was recorded back in the fifties. It contains 14 songs, 12 of which were selfpenned by Rip Carson, and they all sound like authentic fifties recordings. And not the clean-cut recordings from the late fifties mind you, but rough tough obscure rockabilly, the way we rockabilly collectors like it best. The CD starts off with "Little Red Hen", linernotes read that the writer is unknown and although that might be true, this is definitly the Sonny Burgess arrangement of a song called "Little Red Rooster" which he and Bobby Crafford recorded in the late fifties for Razorback. It's still a great song and Rip Carson was right to re-record this rockabilly masterpiece.

The second track, "Heart Attack", begins with a raw guitar intro that immediatly reminds of the guitar licks of Gene Maltais (Raging Sea comes to mind), fabulastic song. "Can't Comfort Her", "After School Rock", "Saw Ya Walkin'", "La La Love Me", all soon-to-be rockabilly classics with great lead guitar by Danny Angulo. Track 7 slows down the pace a bit with another song marked 'unknown', I know I have heard it before, but I can't place it either. Great slapping bass.

On to number eight, the title track "Stand Back!". If anyone close to you is trying to bop to this fast track, that is just what you gotta do: Stand Back! "Rock Me Right" and "End Of The Tracks" are two more rockabilly boppers that are sure to move your feet, followed by a ballad kinda rockabilly song titled "Stay For Me". "Holler Little baby" begins with some raw guitar licks and the clicking of the drumsticks before blasting off into a superb rockabilly slapper with Reece Linley thumping that doghouse bass. The last two tracks, "Don't Leave Me" and "Voodoo Woman" are both of the same great standard. If you really dig raw fifties rockabilly music like I do, this CD is a must for you!

The Twilight Trio is:
Danny Angulo, Lead Guitar
Reece Linley, Upright bass
Santos DeLeon, Drums

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