Honkin'... The Stampeders  
Cherokee records, CHER-EP 202109

After their succesful long play album as "Scotty Bullock & The Stampeders" and their debut EP "... Are Back" which was released after the band had been reformed and renamed in The Stampeders, now the group around the ex lead singer of the Duetones, Ted Scholz, comes forward with its new EP which the fans of the band had been waiting for impatiently. The reason for this impatience was mainly "Mustang", which has not been released before. This song, which could well be the title song of a classic western movie, has become a hit among the Stampeders fans. Just as the cathy "Mustang", the other songs on this EP were all written by the Stampeders, which again proves their talent as song writers. And just as with the first EP, the songs were recorded by means of vintage equipment, which gives the sound an enormous authenticity. In contrast to their first EP, however, the Stampeders am not quite puristic this time, but have leanings also towards the "popular" music of the late 50s with the melodious song "I Was A Fool To Believe". While "Honky Tonk Sandy", which was previously released on the Compilation CD "Hot & Wild Vol. 1" is a swinging rockabilly tune, "High Noon Train" has some Country influences.

Thus this is a varied EP which should appeal to fans of all styles of rock 'n' roll. In this context it should be mentioned in addition that the Stampeders are very well received even outside the rock 'n' roll scene. So it happened, that a producer of the state-run Bavarian Television took notice of the band. He liked their music and the enthusiasm with which they played so much, that he decided to produce a documentary of the band. The filming took place in April 2002. With this documentary the Stampeders will get the opportunity to present themselves to a broad public. The release of a long play album is planned for autumn 2002, also on Cherokee Records.

The Stampeders are:
Thomas 'Ted' Scholz - Guitar, Vocals
Peter 'Gunn' Gansbühler - Drums
Flo 'Jokerhead' Seppenhauser - Doghouse Bass

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