Speedster, Buck Jones & Texas Rooster
Hogfarm International HOG23

We were sittin' around the campfire sometime in April 2006. It was still freezin' cold and us boyz were a bit quiet and hungry. After a while Wayne stood up and said, "OK boys, I think it's time to start working on a nu record." No answer! Everybody just sat there silent. "Whisky?", "Noup!", "Shit!", "Japi?".

After an hour or so Perry looked up and said, "Well I've got this thing that goes ta daa da da taa daa da taa daa da taada". "What?" "Well the theme goes like that". Then BJ looked up and said "OK! I've been thinkin' bout them mexican bandits and their Night of the Dead, Noche de Muertos, that is. Maybe we could start there?" "OK!".

The above are the opening paragraphs from the liner notes of this brand new Buck Jones & Texas Rooster CD titled "Speedster". It's a fun story, if you never read any liner notes, make an exeption this time. The front cover is a very nice design that'll catch the eye of any rockabilly cat, a mix of the old wild west depicted as a fearless cowboy on a galloping mustang, and a pair of pre-war racecars, the start of the Hot Rod Age.

Having said all that, it's of course the music that's most important. Buck picked up his old double bass again, "It took me 3 months to get my fingers hardened" he wrote to me. Perry has taken a bigger role in making this record, so the sound is more rockabilly. This is still orginal Finnish rockabilly or rock'n'roll or whatever you like to call it. In Buck's own words: "Forget The Fakes, This Is The Real Stuff".

The album hits off Buck Jones style, raw and fast, real rockabilly with a bite "Rock'n Roll Party For 2". I guarantee, you can all have a party with this one! "Mississippi Mud" is a song I fell in love with first time I heard it. A hard beatin' two-step and a great play-along track, I just have to pick up my blues harp everytime I hear it!

From the two-step right back in to rock'n'roll with "Rock With The Wild Boyz" and more rockabilly with "The Devil Can't" and "Shut Up And Bop!". Track number 5 is the only cover song on this album; Marlon Grisham's "Ain't That A Dilly?", rockabilly from the boots up, cewlest guitar picking by Perry! All the other tracks are self penned by Buck and Perry.

"Bloodred Roses" is kind of a ballad to slow down the pace for a while, but with the distortion on the lead guitar it sounds a bit like a 60s country-rock song, great sound. Buck's showing off his re-gained slappin' bass abilities on the instrumental "Perry's Lightnin'" with Perry going berserk on the strings. "Scumbag" is straight forward rock'n'roll, a good song for the Teddy Boyz, and the Mexican influenced "Toxic Love" is something else entirely. Surely with all the different roots styles, you won't get bored with this platter.

"Noche De Muertos" sounds Mexican to, but it's good old rock'n'roll all the way. Mäikkä is hitting the drums hard on the fast paced "Thunderhead" and "Loudmouth" is yet one more rockabilly stomper to bop along with. The unlisted surpise track "Alabama Wildcat" is real gone closer, great mouthharp and Dixie Theme guitar pickin' give you that "South's Gonna Rise Again" feelin'. I love it!

Buck Jones and Texas Rooster records are always different, because these guys do things their own way while staying true to the original American Music style, just done in a Finnish way. Great album once again by the King of Scandinavian Rock'n'Roll!

Texas Rooster are:
Perry Kaasalainen - Guitar, Vocals
Hot Rod Mäikkä - Drums
Buck Jones (Jari Salminen) - Vocals, Bass, Harp
Wayne - Snooglin', Cigarettes and Bop

Rock'n Roll Party For 2 / Mississippi Mud / Rock With The Wild Boyz / The Devil Can't / Ain't That A Dilly? / Shut Up And Bop! / Bloodred Roses / Perry's Lightnin' / Scumbag / Toxic Love / Noche De Muertos (Night Of The Dead) / Thunderhead / Loudmouth


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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007